Wheel Throwing Beginners | Roy Maayan | Shay Gerassy | Noa Almor Ben Dor

First time clay students will acquire basic throwing skills and techniques on the wheel
including wedging, centering, building cylinders, turning and using color on clay.
Students will learn to evaluate form and experiment to gain an understanding of the
potential of the material including various decorating techniques.
The course is for participants with no experience or with basic throwing skills.


Sunday 9:00-12:00, beginning 3/11/19 with Roy Maayan

Tuesday 19:00-22:00, beginning 5/11/19 with Shay Gerassy

 Wednesday 19:00- 22:00, beginning 6/11/19 with Noa Almagor Ben Dor

* Beginning of year at 3.11.19


4790 NIS 30 meetings including materials, firings and basic tools- yearly course.

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