Advanced Technology | Personal Research | Eti Goren

Monthly meetings of a research group to broaden their knowledge of ceramic raw materials and their effects on clay, engobes, glazes, etc. Each student will select an area of research and do the experiments independently bringing the results to the monthly meetings for analysis and conclusions as well as planning the next stage of research.

The course is suitable for graduates of ceramic technology courses or professionals that can do the independent research in their studio.


Eti Goren

Course dates and hours:

Once a month, Thursday, 10:00 – 13:00,

28.11.19 – 2.1.20 – 30.1.20 – 27.2.20 – 26.3.20 – 23.4.20 – 21.5.20 – 25.6.20


1140 NIS for 8 meetings.

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