This summer, 2012, the Benyamini Center will introduce a new program full of ceramics courses for beginners and advanced ceramicists and artists. Please visit our courses page for more information

Rina Peleg

Advanced Throwing – idea / form / function is an 8 meetings advanced course in May & June focused on creating a teapot or other functional objects. Instructor: Amnon Amos
קורס קדרות למתקדמים בהדרכת אמנון עמוס Advanced throwing course with Amnon Amos

Advanced throwing course with instructor Amnon Amos. We will make a set of vessels based on an idea-form relationship and focus on creating a personal style with each participant. For details please visit our advanced courses page.

Wednesdays @ 16:00

Amnon Amos אמנון עמוס

Yonatan Amir, Erev-Rav editor, is conducting an art criticism writing workshop for artists and writers. The workshop will run critical reading and writing sessions and provide students with tools for clear, sharpened thought and writing for text such as artists statements and others. For more information please visit our Courses and Workshops page

סדנת כתיבה בבית בנימיני Writing workshop at Benyamini Center

The Benyamini Center Ceramic Art School caters for beginners as well experienced artists and designers who are interested in the ceramic medium. We offer a variety of courses and workshops including throwing, sculpture, hand building, decorating, drawing and idea development with a team of professional lecturers from different backgrounds. For more information, visit our Courses & Workshops page

Amnon Amos - Naila