Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center


Tel Aviv Jaffa

The Benyamini Foundation was established in 2001 thanks to the generosity of Israeli potters Issachar and Yehudit Benyamini who in their will bequeathed their home to establish a ceramics center. This enabled  the purchase of a property in south Tel Aviv in an area rapidly becoming a hub of the vibrant art scene in the city.   The Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center is a recognized, public nonprofit organization and promotes all aspects of ceramic art and design both national and international.

Trustees of the Foundation:

Marcelle Klein, Shlomit Bauman and Ilan Meyer

Management Team:

Marcelle Klein, Shlomit Bauman, Ravit Lazer, Shira Silverston, Ester Beck and Yael Novak

The Benyamini Center is the first of its kind in Israel and comprises:

  • Gallery spaces which hold regular exhibitions with a program of 8-10 changing exhibitions showcasing work from established and emerging talents.
  • A ceramic art school with a working studio – fully equipped with sufficient workspace for up to fifteen The school offers a program for Diploma studies as well as courses for students of all levels in the various aspects of ceramics.
  • Workshops –given by invited guest artists from both home and abroad.
  • Master Classes –held for professional artists as well as the general public
  • The First Studio Program –provides scholarships for ceramic art school graduates, giving them a studio for one year, from where they can launch their careers
  • Exchange Program – visiting artists from abroad are invited to do residencies and give workshops at the centre. This two way exchange, working with various organizations has proven invaluable in establishing contacts which continue over time and enrich both the visitors from abroad and those attending their seminars.
  • Outreach work – The Benyamini Foundation continues work in the community. In particular to engage the interest of special groups and disadvantaged members of the local community, to introduce young people in local schools to the pleasure of self expression through creativity.
  • Library – focusing on all aspects of ceramic art and design as well as archives documenting the contemporary Israeli ceramics, which can be used as a source for research.
  • The Ceramic Artists Association of Israel main office is housed in the Centre, encouraging the closer involvement of its members.

The center expresses Yehudit and Issachar’s love of people, ceramics and the arts. The gallery and library are set next to the working studio creating a vibrant atmosphere, a place of work and creativity; a meeting place for young and old where interdisciplinary dialogue is encouraged, learning is nurtured and emphasis is placed on ones contribution to the community at large.

Contact Info:

Address: 17 Ha’amal Street, Tel Aviv 66532, Israel
Tel: +972-(0)3-5182257

Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs: 11:00–19:00
Fri, Sat: 11:00–14:00

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