Smashing! Exhibition: Gallery talk

Curator: Dr Ayelet Zohar
Gallery talk with the curator on Friday 11/1/13 at 11:00.
Entrance free
An extract from the exhibition catalogue:The Big Bang of the smashing object, or alternatively, the deliberate act of dropping or smashing a ceramic object,is experienced as highly violent and intimidating. Yet, the shattering of a unified, complete and singular existence into a plethora of nonequivalent shards of varying sizes and weight is an opportunity for new dimensionality. While the creation of the ceramic object was articulated by Lao Zi as the insertion of space or void into matter, transforming it from a lump into a three-dimensional object, the smash of the vessel is its conversion from three-dimensionality into flat matter. The effort to release space from within, to enable the object to return to two-dimensionality involves a great amount of power and energy, which is released onto the object’s surface to penetrate and deconstruct it.
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