Ceramic Magazines

April 2013: The Magazines we subscribe to, from England, France, America, Germany, Ireland, keep coming non-stop with the newest updates of what is happening on the world ceramic scene. Here are but a few:
We carry the most important international ceramics magazines. The magazines give a wide overview of the state of all aspects of the ceramic field in the world, whether articles about individual artists, exhibitions and biennales, methods of working, cultural aspects in ceramics and more. We have a new prestigious magazine, THE STUDIO POTTER, a well-established American magazine oriented more towards theoretical and critical articles on the field of ceramics. These are the periodicals we have currently in the library: Ceramic Art and Perception (USA) Ceramic Technical (USA) Ceramic Review (Britain) Ceramic Monthly (USA) New Ceramics (Germany/Europe) Studio Potter (USA) Crafts (Britain) La Revue de la Ceramique et du Verre (France) 1280 (Israel) We have just received the latest editions of the British magazine Ceramic Review, the German-European magazine New Ceramics, and the American Ceramic Monthly.