Benyamini Library Catalogue

Instructions to use the data base This page displays the data base of the library. The information can be sorted in order to retrieve specific information in several ways: 1. Press the arrow on FILTERS – the following options will appear: Keywords Categories Media type Israeli Ceramics – yes or no Scroll down to see all the options For Keywords, Categories and Media type – more than one word may be selected. Once the option is selected the computer will indicate `please wait` and then display the sorted information.   The is information can be further sorted if required. To display Israeli Ceramics only – select YES The system will display the keyword used for the selection. To cancel the selection press the X next to the selected word 2. Press the word SEARCH and two columns will appear below the search window. A specific search can now be made for example: the name of a book, author, publishing date, categories and keywords. Write the appropriate word in the second line below the relevant column. In the first line it is possible to select several options to present the data: Start with Ends with Contains Press the arrow on each column in order to open the menu options. For example: To find a book with RAKU in its title type RAKU in the open space in the column of the title column.  After this press CONTAINS and SEARCH and the all the book titles with this word will appear on the screen. To return to the previous data press Cancel. It is possible to do a simultaneous search for example: Keyworkds and Category 3. The system shows 30 lines per page.  To show more than 30 lines press on the single arrow on the upper right side of the screen.