Above and Below the Surface – Lecture and demo series 2018-19

Advance registration for each meeting: 03-5182257 or by email
Entrance: 50 shekels for each meeting

First meeting: 2/11/18 at 10:30 – Material Memory
Second Meeting: 4/1/19 at 10:30 – Material, surface and edges
Third meeting: 29/3/19 at 10:30 – About earth and locality
Fourth meeting: 24/5/19 at 10:30 Art as Identity

First meeting: 2/11/18 at 10:30 – Material Memory

Hagar Cygler | הגר ציגלר

Hagar Cygler | הגר ציגלר

Faded but not forgotten

Hagar Cygler – Her work deals with personal memory and history through unique combinations of materials and objects that are personal or anonymous. A large part of her work is the collection and historical aspect of the actual materials and their examination as part of the cultural memory archive. In her lecture she will focus on a few projects based on deserted materials which she sorted and reorganized to tell a new story.
Lecture: Hagar Cygler is an artist, graduate of the Photographic Department of Bezalel and holds a master's degree from the California Institute of the Arts. She lives and works in Tel Aviv

Leave me

Anat Barel | ענת בראל

Anat Barel | ענת בראל

Anat Barel – With great sensitivity and knowledge she creates her inner world with clay. Her works are varied, and she uses a broad range of techniques including building with slabs, casting, sculpting and drawing with liquid clay on bare walls. She deals with memory and forgetting, building and disintegration. In the meeting she will talk about her work over the years and demonstrate working techniques she has developed with casting slip and slabs.

Demo: Anat Barel is an artist. She teaches at the Israel Museum and Kfar Hayarok school. She exhibits in Israel and abroad and lives and works in Ramat Hasharon.

Second Meeting: 4/1/19 at 10:30 – Material, surface and edges

The path of white vessels

The path of white vessels | Yaara Nir Kahalon | צילום: תומר בורמד

The path of white vessels | Yaara Nir Kahalon | צילום: תומר בורמד

Yaara Nir Kahalon makes functional white vessels, smooth to the touch and soft on the eye, which she sells to well-known chains in the USA and boutique shops in Israel. In the lecture Yaara will tell about the colorful path of the white pots since her first samples made during her studies in the shelter of her parents' home in Mazkeret Batya until the small factory she runs in the northern Negev as a mother of four children.

Lecture: Yaara Nir Kahalon – ceramic designer, owner of a design and manufacturing studio of functional vessels in Moshav Klachim.

On control and release

Elizabeth Cohen | אליזבת כהן

Elizabeth Cohen | אליזבת כהן

Elizabeth Cohen – creates ceramic works that are tactile and have surprising texture and color. Her process is an ongoing relationship between planning and chance to create the layered and exotic meeting of material – color – texture. She will demonstrate work processes on the wheel that create rough and colorful results and talk about their combination.

Demo: Elizabeth is a ceramic artist, teaches at the Kaye College for visual arts, lives and works in Beer Sheva.

Third meeting: 29/3/19 at 10:30 – About earth, time and locality

Dafna Yalon | דפנה ילון

Daphna Yalon | דפנה ילון

House, man and land

"Earth bridges and connects all creatures on earth. From my experience in various projects, I know that when coming into direct physical contact with earth, there is an internal awakening. As if an ancient memory is rekindled with a fresh spirit." In her lecture, Daphna Yalon, 'earth artist', will tell about her ongoing meeting with raw earth, her art works and projects in which she is involved in Israel and abroad.

Lecture: Daphna Yalon, artist, initiator of the center: Earth is for her sons, design, sculpture, earth

Local reflection

Avner Zinger | אבנר זינגר | צילום: נים ארונוב

Avner Zinger | אבנר זינגר | צילום: נים ארונוב

Avner Zinger – in his ceramic works documents, observes, reacts to the reality he experiences and touches on issues dealing with the political, social and ecological atmosphere where he lives. The form, technique, material and surface vary according to the statement he chooses to emphasize, and mostly he uses low fire local clay. At present he is dealing with time – the lack of time, the pressure and load as a result. In the meeting Avner will speak about his life view as it manifests in his work and the issues that concern him in his work processes and will demonstrate how he works as a result.

Demo: Avner Zinger – potter, teacher at the Givat Haviva art center, winner of the Maud Friedland prize 2018, exhibits in Israel and abroad. Lives and works in Pardes Hana.

Fourth meeting: 24/5/19 at 10:30 Art as Identity

קרדיט צלם: Tate Britain (שער קטלוג)

קרדיט צלם: Tate Britain (שער קטלוג)

Pink Art – Is There Another Sex? The Erotics, Poetics and Politics of Queer Art

Queer art offers a new look, inciteful, arousing and enticing, where art function as an expression of human experience, including its broad erotic and poetic nuances. The problem of defining "queer art" is powerful and essential in maintaining the character as being dramatic, breaking boundaries and contradictions. The expression in art can be daring including nudity and multiplicity, costumes, body and spirit, gender and criticism of hetro-normative identity and the creation of new identities.
Lecture: Dr. Gilad Padva is a lecturer in the M.A. Program in Cultural Studies at the University of Haifa and the Chair of the Division of Art and Visual Culture at Achva

Heavenly and Earthly ceramics

אודי צ'רקה | צילום: יאיר אלגרנטי | Udi Charka

אודי צ'רקה | צילום: יאיר אלגרנטי | Udi Charka

Udi Charka – in his pottery and art work deals with the unconventional connection of materials moving between control, lack of control and chaos. In his recent ceramic works he mainly uses porcelain, white shiny noble material with a glorious past, but removes it from its usual connotation. Through scratching, tearing, scribbling – like notes next to the telephone – he unsettles the status of porcelain and brings it down to a mundane, unromantic and even cynical place. In the meeting he will talk about his works, his approach to "doing and seeing art" and his identity as an artist as it is expressed in his works. In the demo he will show his unconventional work methods.

Demo: Udi Charka – artist, art teacher, lives and works in Mazkeret Batya.

**There could be changes in the program

Beyond Material

The Benyamini Center lecture series 2017-18

A series of monthly morning lectures covering a wide variety of subjects;:connections between craft, design and art; small series as opposed to mass production; presenting an object – physical and virtual; curating in unconventional spaces; marketing platforms and more.

The lectures will discuss issues concerning the creative process, raw materials, techniques and the interaction of various disciplines. This is an opportunity to be exposed to different emotional and intellectual worlds and to consider various ways of making and observing.

The lectures are suitable for the general public.
Advance registration recommended.

  1. First meeting: In Sequence -16/12/2017 at 11:00
  2. Second meeting: Initiatives and Borders - Friday 5/1/18 at 10:30
  3. Third meeting: Thoughts about Israeli Ceramics - Friday 9/2/18 at 10:30
  4. Fourth meeting: Merchandise - 9/3/18 at 10:30
  5. Fifth meeting: Talking their Language – in conjunction with the exhibition - Saturday 14/4/18 at 11:00
  6. Sixth meeting: Digging – in conjunction with the exhibition - Friday 4/5/18 at 11:00
  7. Seventh meeting: Hotel, art, pots and what lies in between - Friday 1/6/18 at 10:30


In Sequence – Saturday morning lectures

16/12/17 at 11:00

Maya Muchawsky | מיה מוצ'בסקי פרנס

Maya Muchawsky | מיה מוצ'בסקי פרנס

11:00 About sequence in ceramics

The challenge faced by ceramic artist in expressing movement and time in movable objects
Maya Muchawsky Parnas, curator of the exhibition, artist and senior lecturer Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, Bezalel Art and Design Academy

Maya Muchawsky | מיה מוצ'בסקי פרנס

Maya Muchawsky | מיה מוצ'בסקי פרנס

11:30 Sequence and flow on the timeline

The principle of sequence in animation and how sequences create a feeling of flow and continuity, compression and relaxation, changing speed and creating deliberate errors
Vered Eliezri Ganchrow
Animator and illustrator, BA in industrial design, Bezalel Art and Design Academy, Classical animations studies at Sheridon College Canada, MA in cinema from the Tel Aviv University, artist and lecturer in her field

Vered Eliezri Ganchrow | ורד אליעזרי גנשרוא

Vered Eliezri Ganchrow | ורד אליעזרי גנשרוא

12:00 Break

12:15 Echo

A series of autobiographical works and ideas taken from personal ethnic culture
Cohavit Ben Ezra Goldenberg
Artist, honors graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass design, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Honors graduate of Curatorial studies, Technion external studies program

Cohavit Ben Ezra | כוכבית בן עזרא גולדנברג

Cohavit Ben Ezra | כוכבית בן עזרא גולדנברג

12:45 Pineapple and more

About objects, beauty, passion and the autobiographical element in the series of works made by the artist
David Adika
Photographer, artist, BA and MA graduate of the Photography Department, Bezalel Art and Design Academy, lecturer at Shenkar and Bezalel

David Adika | דויד עדיקא

David Adika | דויד עדיקא

Free admission

Advance registration – email or 03-5182257

IN SEQUENCE - exhibition at the Benyamini Center

Second meeting: Initiatives and Borders

Friday 5/1/18 at 10:30

10:30 Formats and Design Platforms

In an age of excess information, manufacture and visual flooding, the need for clear formats and platforms for showing work is even more crucial. A suitable format creates a balance between limitation and freedom and gives the maker focus and an effective tool for communication with the public. The lecturer will speak about the rise of patcha kutcha, rafsoda and design week as creative tools for making and meeting.
Anat Safran – designer, curator and art director

‏Anat Safran | ענת ספרן

‏Anat Safran | ענת ספרן

11:30 De Studio (THE Studio??)

The lecture will focus in a dispersed manner on the minimum and maximum required to maintain a design studio – about the edge and the limitation
Neil Nanner
Designer, MFA Industrial Design Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, lecturer at Shenkar, Technion and HIT, guest lecturer at Hadassa, Tel Aviv University and the CUT University in Shangdoo, China

Neil Nanner | ניל ננר

Neil Nanner | ניל ננר

Admission: 50 shekels
Advance registration recommended – 03-5182257 or email

Third meeting: Thoughts about Israeli Ceramics

Friday 9/2/18 at 10:30

10:30 What is her story? Thoughts and questions about the history of ceramic art in Israel

The lecture will cover different aspects and characteristics of the unique historical roots of local ceramic art and issues with its contemporary presentation
Shlomit Bauman – artist, senior lecturer in the Industrial design deparment HIT, head curator of the Benyamini Center gallery

Sarah Kaminer | שרה קמינר

Sarah Kaminer | שרה קמינר

11:30 Local ceramics and health

Special ceramic vessels for healthy food – fermentation, steaming, sprouting and baking in locally made ceramic pots – the lecture will cover the special design and manufacturing process
Yuval Delshed – film director, founder of “Pashut – ceramic pots for a healthy kitchen”

פשוט -כלי חימר למטבח בריא

פשוט -כלי חימר למטבח בריא

Admission: 50 shekels
Advance registration recommended – 03-5182257 or email

Fourth meeting: Merchandise

9/3/18 at 10:30

10:30 Art for the masses

About the alternative to the elite art market and the possibility that everyone can purchase art
Dana Gillerman
Art critic, curator, artist and founder of Vitrina

Nir Hod - Kiss | ניר הוד נשיקה

Nir Hod - Kiss | ניר הוד נשיקה

11:30 Yahalomis studio

The lecture will cover the story behind the studio for ceramic design from its inception until today, on the design choices, the development and marketing.
Tal Hadar and Roy Yahalomi
Owners of Studio Yahalomi. Tal Hadar – graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – Visual Arts and Roy Yahalomi – graduate of the Industrial design department HIT

Yahalomis | יהלומיס

Yahalomis | יהלומיס

Admission: 50 shekels
Advance registration recommended – 03-5182257 or email

Fifth meeting: Place in Locality
Morning of lectures

Saturday 14/4/18 at 11:00

מקומי | בוקר של הרצאות בבית בנימיני

מקומי | בוקר של הרצאות בבית בנימיני

11:00 The perimeter of Israeli design

What is the definition of Israeli design has occupied the owners of the store Asufa and the gallery Saga. What is the common denominator of the items in the shop besides the fact that the designers are Israeli citizens? This will be discussed in the lecture and the answer is not clear.
Lior Yamin
Industrial designer, graduate of HIT, owner of Asufa and Saga

11:30 Israeli fashion, is there such a thing?

How was Israeli fashion in the past and how is it embodied at present with the global changes
Maya Arazi
Fashion designer and senior lecturer at Shenkar

12:00 Break

12:15 Personal import

In local design imports of elements from other cultures are visible. With that, the Israeli climate and politics create a unique aesthetic where the element merges with the character of the place. The hot climate does not require carpeting or parquet and therefore there has been extensive use of terrazzo flooring, originally from Italy but strongly identified with the Israeli home. The lecturer will discuss imported elements in her work
Naama Agassi
Product designer, masters degree from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Lecturer at HIT in Holon and Sami Shamoun Engineering College

12:45 Creating to Survive

About life in Russia, the move to Israel and being alone. The artist will speak about creating his identity between the cultures and how he paved his way in creating
Gregory Larin
Jewellery designer, artist, graduate of Shenkar Jewellery design department

Free entrance
Advance registration
Tel: 03-5182257 or by Email

Sixth meeting – Terra Deformation-
Human – Nature
A morning of lectures in conjunction with the exhibition
Digging Digging

Friday 4/5/18 at 10:30

אפרת איל | Efrat Eyal

אפרת איל | Efrat Eyal

10:30 Welcome greetings

Marcelle Klein, Director of the Benyamini Center

10:35 Opening remarks

Shlomit Bauman / Artist, Curator of the Benaymini Gallery, senior lecturer in the Industrial Design department, HIT

10:45 Digging at Körnerpark

The first part of the exhibition was shown at the Kornerpark gallery in Berlin, Germany, a place that was previously a quarry for building materials. During the lecture, the curator will talk about the location in relationship to the theme of the exhibition as well as some of the works in the show emphasizing the clash between human intervention and natural resources.
Sven Kalden, Germany
Artist and curator of the exhibition

11:15 Israel in the Anthropocene age

This term was given by scientists to the present age and its meaning is a geological period that is characterized by significant changes in the earth as a result of human intervention. The lecture will relate to such changes in Israel including the significant change to the water (Dead Sea and Hula Vallery) and the changes in the earth as a result of building, mining and quarrying as well as pollution
Zafrir Rinat
Environmental reporter of Haaretz newspaper

11:45 Break

12:00 Cut and Fill

This civil engineering term is related to Cut and Fill and is the basis of a long term project that occupies the artist – Reli de Fries –" East of the Mediterranean" – a horizontal geological line through Israel/Palestine? In the lecture the artist will speak about the project and the way she works and thinks about the building process and destruction in the local space.
Reli de Fries
Artist and landscape architect

12:30 Idealogical digging

In the lecture the artist will talk about the establishment of her company Criaterra and new soil technological developments that enables producing constructive products made of earth and plant fibers and the potential of excess digging in concrete and asphalt plants as a basis for environmental technology.
Adital Ela
Designer, founder and director of the company Criaterra -soil technology, lecturer at HIT Industrial design department

Free entrance
Advance registration,
Tel: 03-5182257 or by Email

Please note the lectures will be in English

Seventh meeting: Hotel, art, pots and what lies in between

Friday 1/6/18 at 10:30

10:30 Does the pyramid still have a head

The lecture will examine the different aspects and challenges that Tuval faces as curator and manager of the art collection of the Isrotel chain, the blurring of boundaries and the classical taxonomy in the art world. Design, art, sculpture, installation will be considered in relation to the exhibitions and collaborations that eventuated.
Sharon Tuval – independent curator

11:30 3000 pots in 60 days

In 2017 Ayelet took upon herself to make pots for the Orient Hotel, a new Isrotel in Jerusalem. In the lecture she will talk about the design process and the manufacture of the series, the challenges she faces while working in her studio
Ayelet Sembiro
Potter, graduate of the ceramic department Tel Hai

‏Ayelet Sembiro | איילת סמבירא

‏Ayelet Sembiro | איילת סמבירא

Admission: 50 shekels
Advance registration recommended – 03-5182257 or email

*Changes may occur in the program


Friday mornings lecture and demo series | 2016-2017

Admission fee: 50 shekels. Advance registration required tel: 03-5182257 or benyaminiccc@gmail.com

Free entrance for hearing impaired for lectures with sign translation - to be arranged in advance.

27/01/17 at 10:30: First meeting - Folding

The Spirit Between the Walls

אתל פיסרף | Etel Pisareff

אתל פיסרף | Etel Pisareff -  Photo: Rani Gilat

Etel Pisareff – ceramic artist, creates light structures from very thin slabs of clay that are characterized as delicate, flexible, simple, refined and asymmetrical forms.  Her works are created by playing with logical geometry.  In the meeting she will speak about the dialogue between materiality and spirituality, asymmetry and aesthetics and she will demonstrate making work from thin slabs.

Demonstrator: Etel Pisareff – is a graduate of Haifa University art faculty as well as the faculty of sociology and anthropology.  She specialized in the Art Academy in Antwerpen, Belgium, participates in exhibitions in Israel and abroad and is a member of the cooperative Shlush Shloshim, in Neve Tzedek.

Contemporary Origami

מיטל קוממי | Meital Kommemi

Meital Kommemi - Photo: Inbal Zeidler

Meital Kommemi, develops and designs light fittings, ceramic vessels and other objects inspired by origami, the art of paper folding.  In the design process she combines geometrical mathematical objects which start as folded paper and industrial, technological elements.  In her lecture she will tell about her deep connection to origami and its contemporary inclusion as a maker.

Lecturer: Meital Kommemi, product designer, origami artist and the owner of Studio Kamidoro,  graduate of HIT Technology Institute of Holon.

24/02/17 at 10:30: Second meeting - Between improvisation and design

Survivor Styling


Studioknob - Photograph Yotam Shifroni and Gidi Gilam

Yotam Shifroni and Adi Azar are makers who in the past few years work under the joint label of StudioKnob – design objects, furniture and lighting made in their home in Jaffa where local happenings are the inspiration for their work.  Dirt, noise, cultural variety and improvisation transfer from the street through a design filter and are expressed in work that is humorous, aesthetic and homely.  In the lecture Yotam will discuss the relationship between improvisation and high design, aesthetic language, methods and political meanings that develop between the two.
Lecturer: Yotam Shifroni – a furniture, stage and lighting designer and partner with Adi Azar in StudioKnob, a graduate of HIT Interior Design department and lecturer at Ort Singalovski  and Avni in the Industrial Design department.

Out of the Mold

Dima Gurevitch | דימה גורביץ'

Dima Gurevitch | דימה גורביץ'

Dima Gurevitch – ceramic designer, owner of conceptual, contemporary design called Sculpture in Design together with his partner Nadya.  The couple combine functional design and conceptual art in daily objects that are both humoristic and sensitive.  Dima will demonstrate making objects using casting molds.
Demonstrator: Dima Gurevitch – graduate of the the Ceramic and Glass Design department at Bezalel, lives and works in Tel Aviv.

31/03/17 at 10:30: Third meeting - On Stage

Metaphors in adult puppet theater

Elit Webber | אלית ובר

Elit Webber | אלית ובר - photograph from the play Parnheim


Puppet theater is considered an art form for children. However, the metaphoric qualities of puppets enable dealing with a great range of human experience that cannot be expressed by a live actor.  The lecture will cover some of these qualities through selected videos from the adult puppet theater world.

Lecturer: Elit Webber – puppet theater director and independent creator.


Lior Kesem Hammama | ליאור קסם חממה

Lior Kesem Hammama | ליאור קסם חממה

Lior Kesem Hammama – multimedia artists, creates theatrical, exotic and colorful figures from paper machier.  Her sculptures are based on her personal fantasy world filled with beauty imagination and joie de vivre.  The artist will demonstrate sculpting garments for her  characters using several techniques and she  will talk about her work, the source and inspiration.

Demonstrator: Lior Kesem Hammami -  auto didactic artist, using clay and paper mache for over 12 years.  Worked in the past as a graphic designer building models for exhibitons and creating scenery.  Lives and works in Nes Ziona.

28/04/17 at 10:30: Fourth meeting - Folk tales

Contemporary, Creativity and Africa

Idit Toledano | עידית טולדנו

Idit Toledano | עידית טולדנו

Over the past few years the Western art world is showing increased interest in contemporary creativity in Africa. The lecturer will survey the art scene that interests the West - What are the characteristics? Who are the artists? Is this Africa and relevant to the locals? Or perhaps it is the Western art market that promotes it for its own purpose? ​

Lecturer: Idit Toledano - curator of the African Studies Gallery

Extending the boundaries

Roy Mayan | רועי מעין

Roy Mayan | רועי מעין Photo: Leonid Padrul

Roy Mayan – potter, researcher and maker in a wide range of disciplines – video, performance, installation, curator and critical writing.  His work deals with extending the boundaries of the ceramic medium, material and concept.  He investigates traditional ceramics and combines experimental materials.  He collaborates with potters-artists around the world.  He will demonstrate making a large vessel and combining elements to make an interesting object and speak about his cooperative project with the African Studies Gallery.

Demonstrator: Roy Mayan – graduate of the Ceramic and Glass Department of Bezalel. Has a Masters Degree in multidisciplinary Art from Tel Aviv University.  Lectures and participates in exhibitions, ceramic festivals in Europe and the Far East, owner of an independent studio in Savyon.

26/05/17 at 10:30: Fifth meeting - Around the world

Between East and West

Marta Riegers | מרתה ריגר

Marta Riegers | מרתה ריגר Photo: Elad Sarig

Marta Riegers connection to China began in 2011 when she visited the San Bao Ceramic Institute in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China.  As a result she decided to return and create work using the facilities availaible in the ceramic factories and workshops.  Marta faced the challenge of creating her unique work in facilities that were production studios.  The lecture will focus on three series she created in the past years.  Course clay dipped in porcelain slip (for which she receied a prize at the Mino festival in Japan in  2014), the egg series and the most recent bubble series.

Lecturer: Marta Rieger – ceramic artist for 20 years, holds a degree in Social Work from the Tel Aviv University, born in Brazil, lives and works in Israel and China and exhibits in Israel and abroad.

Balance in Motion

Simcha Even Chen | שמחה אבן חן

Simcha Even Chen | שמחה אבן חן Photo: Ilan Amihai

Simcha Even Chen – ceramic artist, makes objects that focus on elements of movement, balance and mass.  She creates geometric designs on the objects and by a process of masking and he

Demonstrator: Simcha Even Chen – has a doctorate in Science and until recently work as a scientist in the biochemistry laboratory of the Hebrew University.  She has done ceramics since the 90’s and has exhibited in many exhibitions in Israel and abroad, winning international prizes for her work. Since 2011 she is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics (IAC).

30/6/17 at 10:30: Sixth meeting - Layers and Template – deconstruction and construction

Text – ile

Gali Cnaani | גלי כנעני

Gali Cnaani | גלי כנעני Photo: Roni Cnaani

In the work “Carpet” and “Pattern Books” books are the raw materials and from bookcases at home they cover the walls and floors of gallery spaces, meticulously laid out becoming a woven carpet and then return home unharmed.  In her lecture, Gali Cnaani, designer and textile artist, will talk about the book as a raw material and the connection between text and textile, pages and thread, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Lecturer: Gali Cnaani – graduate (cum laude) of the Textile Design department, Shenkar.  After completing her studies she studied further at the Craft College of Kansawa in Japan.  In 2013 she was awarded the Andy Prize for contemporary applied arts and the Design Prize of the Ministry of Culture, lecturer at the Shenkar college textile department, exhibits in Israel and abroad.

An effective copied image.

Michal Klasovsky | מיכל קלסובסקי

Michal Klasovsky | מיכל קלסובסקי

Printing deals with copying images, graphic, geometric or photographs, and from this creating patterns.  The pattern making of Michal Klasovsky, an active ceramic and print artist, includes a basic awareness and acknowledgement of accepted cultural images.  She uses the ideas, breaks them down and the reuses them to create something new, personal and relevant.  Mostly her work practice includes many printings, cutting up the elements and then creating a collage for a new image, relating to its source but expressing personal meaning.  She will demonstrate the use of screen printing and collage of printed sheets.

Demonstrator: Michal Klasovsky – holds a Masters Degree in Art and creativity from the University of Haifa, lecturer in printing at Tel Hai Arts departments, teacher, social activist, writer.  Lives and works in the Galilee
Changes in the program are possible

Friday mornings lecture and demo series | 2015-2016

Admission fee: 50 shekels. Advance registration required tel: 03-5182257 or benyaminiccc@gmail.com

Free entrance for hearing impaired for lectures with sign translation - to be arranged in advance.

6/11/15 at 10:30: First session: Parallel Worlds

רונית ברנגה

צילום: אלעד ברנגה. רונית ברנגה | Ronit Barranga. Photo credit: Elad Baranga

David Morris

David Morris

Dismaland – Banksys Amusement Park

Watch Ronit Barranga | Art lectures

In August this year the renowned graffiti artist Banksy opened the exhibition Dismaland in England. Ronit Barranga was selected to participate together with 57 artists from around the world for which she created the work UNTITLED FEAST. In her lecture she will talk about her work and her experience from the actual exhibition.
Ronit Baranga: Is a sculptor, graduate of the Midrasha Art Faculty in Beit Berl and has a degree in Psychology and Hebrew literature from the University of Haifa


The long time sculptor David Morris who creates clay characters, hybrids of humans and animals as if from ancient cultures, will demonstrate some of his working techniques. He will talk about his chosen direction, the tension between the individual and the group that is expressed in his works that are in continuous dialogue with each other.

Watch David Morris | Pinching technique demonstration

8/1/16 at 10:30 Second session: Desert Winds

Desert Winds | מפגש שני: רוחות מדבר

מפגש שני: רוחות מדבר

This is an object

For about 20 years, Bedouin women make unique works that are a combination of home objects and building and industrial waste that are covered in textiles. In 2015 an exhibition was held of their works. The curators of this exhibition will talk about the works that were shown, their use and the process of making.
Lecturer: Orna Goren, founder and past chief curator of the Joe Alon Museum of Bedouin Culture

Watch Textile artist and lecturer Dalia Barkey

Dalia Barkey, Textile artist and lecturer at Shenkar in the Textile Design Department
Nitza Bar, a potter, creates functional work that is characteristically desert colors, influenced by the Negev where she lives. Over the past years she has focused on the a Japanese technique called Nerikome using different color clays, which she will demonstrate.

12/2/16 at 10:30: Third Session: The Sound of Music

Kalimba | קלימבה


The Rhythm

Lior Meyuhas demonstrates playing a Hang

A musical lecture including an overview of various ethnic instruments from around the world including some exotic locations. The instruments are made of natural and recycled materials and their unique sounds will be demonstrated.
Lecturer: a representative from the Kalimba group – a unique shop of ethnic instruments in Neve Tzedek.

Okarina My Love

Boriz Katz | How to make an Okarinas

Boris Katz – a ceramic artist who creates sculptures with a humoristic twist, an expression of his internal being. He is a specialist in making Okarinas (clay whistles), each a sculpture which can be complex and colorful or minimalistic but no less sophisticated and funny.
He will demonstrate the making process, talk about his work and their inspiration.

11//3/16 at 10:30: Fourth Session: Old – New

Shamai Gibsh | שמאי גיבש

Shamai Gibsh | שמאי גיבש

Thread and Material – Past Present and Future

Ceramics as well as textiles are once again in the limelight and the limits of the materials are being stretched to new capabilities and applications. The lecture will cover various technologies and new developments in these fields.
Lecturer: Shira Shoval – textile designer, graduate of Shenkar, textile design department and a lecturer in the department. She is the director of the Aharon Feiner Eden Materials Library in the Holon Design Museum

Traditional Techniques in Contemporary Works

Watch Shamai Gibsh demonstrating terra sigillata

Shamai Gibsh - ceramic artist, creates works that are finished with terra sigillata – a fine ceramic clay used in ancient ceramics giving a special shine and color palette. He will demonstrate how to make terra sigillata with colorants, explain its roots in history and its use today.

15/4/16 at 10:30 Fifth Session: Materiality

Monolith - Hagar Cygler

Monolith - Hagar Cygler

Multi Materials

Shira Keret creates objects from a wide range of materials and techniques. She uses water cutting methods to make serving dishes, casts porcelain vases imitating TROPIT and in her latest project creates light fixtures from Corian. In her lecture she will survey her works, talk about the processes and the inspiration for her work.
Lecturer: Shira Keret, industrial designer and a member of the FOUR AND FIVE design group, graduate of Bezalel Art Academy in Industrial Design.

Looking Far and Clear

Rani Gilat – artist and potter, makes functional and sculptural objects on the wheel inspired by the human body. He is a specialist in porcelain, considered the upper crust of ceramic materials. He will demonstrate making porcelain bottles and talk about the history of the material and the challenges using it.

20/5/16 Sixth Session: One off and Series

סטודיו ויהי - צילום: מיכאל פיש | Studio Veyehi

סטודיו ויהי - צילום: מיכאל פיש | Studio Veyehi

Creating Light

Studio Veyehi specializes in designing and making lights from wood veneer. The producst tell the personal story of human involvement in the making process. The designers will talk about their connection to raw materials and the stories behind their light fixtures.
Lecturers: Tzur Gotlieb – designer. Studied at the Midrasha Art Department, Beit Berl and a graduate of Bezalel Art Acadamy in Industrial Design
Katrina Brand – designer. A graduate in sculpture and ceramic design from the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart as well as the Ceramic Design department of Bezalel.

A one man factory

Abed Aljaabri – potter. Abed began his professional life at 14 in the ceramic factory in Hebron where he decorated pots. He continued to learn wheel throwing and to this day creates a wide variety of ceramic vessels of varying sizes for his customers. He will demonstrate his working methods and talk about his workshop.

17/6/16 at 10:30: Seventh Session: Food, Clay and Aesthetics

Nimrod Genisher | נימרוד גנישר

Nimrod Genisher | נימרוד גנישר

Catching the Moment

Photographing food is one of the most complicated in this field. To succeed one has to convey texture, atmosphere, smell and taste and stimulate all the senses of the viewer. The photographer will talk about his unique approach to photographing food, his passion and preferences, both culinary and photography.
Lecturer: Nimrod Ganisher – professional photographer in various fields with a love for food photography. Works for magazines, restaurants, chefs and food factories.

Leaving the Circle

Tal Gilboa Ardon | טל גלבוע ארדון

Tal Gilboa Ardon | טל גלבוע ארדון

Tal Gilboa Ardon – ceramic artist. Creates and produces projects that are multi disciplinary in art, design and food. She designs and makes dishes for restaurants, shops and catering. She will demonstrate making oval baking and serving dishes using the wheel and hand building techniques and talk about her work and professional choices.

Friday Mornings at the Benyamini Center | 2014-2015

Lecture and demonstration series

Each session: 50 shekels admission
Advance registration – 03-5182257 or benyamniccc@gmail.com

  1. First session 14/11/14 Vessels, Food and Clay
  2. Second Session 9/1/15: Crystal Clear
  3. Third Session 6/2/15: Choosing Material
  4. Fourth session 13/3/15: Contemporary Traditions
  5. Session Five Signs and Stories
  6. Session Six 15/5/14: Jerusalem and the makers
  7. Seventh session 12/6/15: Combined materials

First session: 14/11/14: Vessels, Food and Clay

Chocolate and vessels, chocolate as vessels

Nectar of the gods for the Maya. A health drink for Madame de Sauvignon. Aphrodisiac for Casanova. None of the above thought that we would ever let chocolate conquer the hearts of our children. None of them ever dreamed that chocolate would be the vessel itself instead of the silver or clay platter used to serve it. The revolution of this godly food to desert for our children is already history – is it be possible that a chocolate drink can become the teapot itself? This lecture will expose the latest discoveries in chocolate and its use and the cultural implications of this material.

Lecturer: David Hillel, Food Researcher. Lecturer at the Ben Gurion University, MA in Gastronomy from the University of Adelaide. Graduate of Cordon Bleu Paris

Gourmet Vessels

אמנית הקרמיקה עדי ניסני מפתחת ויוצרת כלי אוכל

עדי ניסני | Adi Nissani

Adi Nissani is a ceramic artist that designs and produces crockery and serving dishes for chefs, restaurants and elite catering. Her design is a hybrid of the conventional and the organic with a deep understanding of up-market culinary style. The studio produces about 700 objects a month on average marketed in Israel and abroad. Among her clients – Meir Adoni , the restaurants Raphael and Mul Yam, Regba kitchens, Carlton Rich Hotel, etc. She will talk about the design process and demonstrate some of her methods.

Adi Nissani has a BA from the department of Ceramics and Glass, Bezalel, an MA from Lesley College, Netanya, in gender and art studies, and a graduate of the Fashion Design Academy, Gold Coast Australia.

Adi Nissani demonstrates making ceramics dinning vessels. Watch an excerpt from Nissani's lecture:

Second Session: 9/1/15: Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

דפנה קפמן - תחום הזכוכית עבר תהליך מרתק החל משנות השישים

דפנה קפמן | Dafna Kaffeman

Post Glass – glass in contemporary craft

Glass has undergone a fascinating change since the 1960s and the development of the glass revolution in the USA which spread around the world and initiated glass into the contemporary art world. The lecture will survey the use of this unique material and its place in contemporary art and the decision by leading artists to use it as their medium emphasizing its unique qualities.

Lecturer: Dafna Kaffeman – is an artist that graduated with an MA from Sandburg, Amsterdam (2001). She has had solo exhibitions in museums in Europe and the USA. A senior lecturer at Bezalel and head of the Glass department at the Bezalel Academy.

Volcanic and Crystal

קדרית. יוצרת כלים, בעיקר מפורצלן, אותם מחפה בזיגוגים קריסטליים ווולקניים

שולמית טייבלום מילר | Shulamit Teiblum Miller

Shulamit Teiblum Miller – is a potter. She makes porcelain vessels with volcanic and crystal glazes that give her work a very unique and surprising look. She will demonstrate some of her work methods and talk about the issues that concern her in her making process.

Shulamit Miller has a BA in Archaelogy and Art History from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She studied wheel throwing at Tel Hai College in the Northern Galilee. Her work has been exhibited in Israel and abroad and is found in museum collections around the world

Third Session: 6/2/15 Choosing Material

Not necessarily local

In the days when makers worked in the '' small village' and not in the '' global village'' raw materials and work techniques were the identity of place and culture. In the age of mobility and accessibility of materials and technologies, the use of these resources is the means of expression and identity of the maker. The lecture will examine three approached to the use of material in the local design world: material experimentation as a means of differentiation, material as a critical approach, local interpretation of foreign traditions.

Lecturer: Merav Rahat – designer, artist, curator - is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy with an MA in design. She lectures in the art school of the Kibbutz Seminary and is involved in research and writing about design/art and trends in contemporary design. Her most recent research project concerns the development the field of design in Israel and its manifestation in local culture through design exhibitions in galleries and alternative spaces.

Norwegian Forest

קרן גלמן - לימודי קדרות

קרן גלמן | Michal Keren Gelman

Michal Keren Gelman – a ceramic artist making functional vessels of folded slabs with a unique and elegant aesthetic. She uses numerous decorating techniques including drawing, printing, engraving and more. In her lecture she will explain her choice of material and inspiration and demonstrate building a decorated slab pot.

Michal Keren Gelman – has a BA in jewellery design from the Bezalel Academy. She has worked in stage and costume design for theater and opera. She lives and works in Mizpe Hila.

Fourth session 13/3/15: Contemporary Traditions


Contemporary studio pottery has to contend with the modern perception of the concept ''authentic'' that defines authentic as the potter with no self consciousness, who makes large quatities of traditional forms for daily use in the local community. This approach questions the validity of the authenticity of studio craft characterized by small batches with unique forms of the potter. The lecture will examine a new approach to the concept of authenticity by examining contemporary studio practice that demonstrates cultural nuances, and confirms the importance of pottery in contemporary culture.

Orly Nezer: artist and researcher/writer of theory in ceramics

Watch a clip from Orly Nezer's lecture

מגע. סיבוב. כלי

Netzer Luria

Watch a clip from Netzer Luria's demonstration

הרצאות אמנות בבית בנימיני

הרצאות אמנות בבית בנימיני | נצר לוריא

Session Five: Signs and Stories

Ornaments, Signs and Symbols

Decoration and signs are common in different cultures, both ancient and contemporary, appearing on a broad range of objects, structures and more. These can be interpreted in many ways and can convey hidden meanings. The lecture will cover various decorations and signs from different areas: nature, art, ceramics, music and more. In addition, the stories behind the objects will be exposed.

Efrat Eyal – ceramic artist, graduate of the Ceramic and Glass Department Bezalel Academy. Ayal makes objects composed of cast everyday objects giving them a contemporary meaning in relation to classical forms and decoration in art history. She has a studio in Mizpe Hila. She exhibits in Israel and abroad.

A Poem I dreamed

אמנית קרמיקה. יוצרת כלים שימושיים ודקורטיביים באבניים ומלוחות חומר

זהרה הראל | Zahara Harel

Zahara Harel – ceramic artist. Zahara creates functional and decorative vessels on the wheel or from slabs. Her colorful work always narrates a personal story influenced by ceramic art history. The artist will explain her unique approach to clay and demonstrate her decorating technique.

Harel – has an BA from the department of ceramics, Bezalel Academy as well as a degree from the Tel Aviv University in Political Science and Psychology. She was apprenticed for two years with a Japanese master, a member of the ancient dynasty of potters specialized in tea ceremony and Ikebana. She exhibits her work in Israel and abroad.

Session Six 15/5/14: Jerusalem and the makers

The Arts and Crafts heritage of Jerusalem

הרצאות אמנות | עמוס סטמפל – אומן ואמן רב תחומי

עמוס סטמפל | Amos Stempel

For generations Jerusalem has been strengthened through handcrafts as a mediator between spiritual and material. How was the Arts and Crafts movement was influenced by the Governor Sir Ronald Stores? How do the makers of the traditional working class revitalize the new urban structure?

Lecturer: Amos Stempel – artisan and multi- media artist, cultural researcher, director and script writer, graduate of Bezalel Academy and Emerson and Tobias College England.


Amnon Israeli – potter who makes functional and decorative vessels on the wheel. He is an expert in traditional decorative techniques with extensive experience in the local ceramic industry that existed up to the 90s as well as studio pottery. He will demonstrate several decorating techniques and discuss his past as part of the local ceramic industry.

Amnon Israeli – was apprenticed to Hedwig Grossman. In the 1970s studied at Goldsmith College in London and then went on a journey studying with traditional Spanish potters. Worked in the Lapid factory and was the Head Designer of Alexander Ceramics. He lives and works in Jerusalem.

Seventh session 12/6/15 at 10:30: Combined materials

Basketry and Culture – the meeting point of craft and art

אוצרת משנה ורכזת חינוך, המוזיאון הפתוח תפן

תמר הורביץ ליבנה | Tamar Horwitz Livne

The lecture will cover basket weaving and the manner in which it mirrors Israeli visual culture in the first years of the State of Israel. The lecture will be accompanied with examples of contemporary plastic art and museum shows dealing with the meeting point of traditional handwork and contemporary art.

Lecturer: Tamar Horwitz Livne – deputy curator and education coordinator of the Tefen Museum . Has a BA in art and an MA in multi disciplinary teaching from Oranim College. She is a Doctoral student at Tel Aviv University in the department of Jewish studies and starting her research in visual culture during the time of the British Mandate in Palestine in the years 1918 – 48 under the guidance of Prof. Moti Golani and Dr Yael Gilat.

Natural Connection

אמנית קרמיקה. יוצרת אובייקטים פיסוליים מחומר קרמי

מיכל אדלר שלו | Michal Adler Shalev

Michal Adler Shalev – ceramic artist making sculptural object incorporating materials from nature as well as textiles. Her work is unglazed with an organic and sensual surface. The artist will show her material dictionary and demonstrate how she incorporates different materials in her work.

Adler Shalev – has a BA from the department of Ceramics and Glass, Bezalel and a BSc from the Technion in Civil Engineering. She shows her work in Israel and abroad. Lives and works in Mazkeret Batya