Events 2015

Masterclasses at the Benyamini Center

with the visiting artists from the Tel Hai Symposium organized by the Ceramic Artists Association and the Institute of the Arts Tel Hai.

With the generous support of AIDA

Bennett Bean
Masterclass on Thursday 3/12/15 at 19:00

With the generous support of Ruth Corman and the Designer Craft Foundation

Sara Moorhouse and Nuala O’Donovan
Masterclass on Tuesday 15/12/15 at 17:00

Advance reservations: 03-6874150
Entrance: 70 shekels for each class and 50 shekels for members of the CAAI and Benyamini students

Bennett Bean

Watch a video clip from Bennett Bean’s lecture at the Benyamini Center

An American artist who lives in Blairstown, New Jersey with an independent studio since 1979. He works in various media including stone, painting, metal, wool and silk weaving, paper and papyrus. He is mainly interested in the painted surface and has developed numerous techniques for post firing including smoke and non- ceramic materials. His work is found in galleries and museums around the USA and in the collection of the Whitney and the White House.

Sara Moorhouse

Watch a video clip Sara Moorhouse’s lecture at the Benyamini Center

The development of my work into ceramics, colour and spatial perception began with a Masters degree at Cardiff in 2003. The work explores the ways in which spaces within landscape appear altered depending on the ever-changing colours of season, weather, time and farming. The bowls act as a canvas for paintings that distil specific landscape scenes, perceptibly altering the size, depth and shape of the form by the applied colour. The forms can be made to seem wider or narrower, deeper or shallower, heavier or lighter, or they may appear to undulate, bend, move or hover by the juxtaposition of finer lines. The viewing of both inner and outer surfaces together enables me to exploit colour connections and visual play from one side to another, emphasising or flattening the dimensionality of the form.
Notions above were the topic of 18 months studio practice before embarking on a PhD in March 2006. This was undertaken to develop the ideas with more emphasis upon the spatial phenomena in relation to colour theory

Nuala O’Donovan

Watch a video clip from Nuala O’Donovan’s lecture at the Benyamini Center

My work combines regular pattern with the characteristics of irregular patterns and forms from nature. Each element of the pattern is individually made, the form is constructed slowly over a period of weeks or months. The finished forms are a result of an intuitive response to the direction that the pattern takes as well as the irregularity in the handmade elements of the pattern.
My decision to research patterns and forms from nature stemmed from my interest in the narrative quality of irregularities in patterns. The history behind a scarred or broken surface is what fascinates me. The evidence of a response to random events visible in patterns in nature, is testament to the ability of living organisms to recover, to respond, and to continue growing and changing. It is the imperfections in the patterns caused by a unique experience that are evidence of the life force in living organisms

Students’ work Exhibition

The fifth year of the Ceramic Art School will begin with the opening of a show of work made by students during 2014/15. The festive opening will take place on Thursday 22/10/15 at 18:00. The school offers year long courses, short workshops, guidance, work critiques and as well as Diploma studies. The courses are suitable for a wide range of students and offers studies that can be in depth and all inclusive.

For the first time this year we will show a selection of work made by students who participated in the classes over the year including works made on the wheel, sculptures, technology research.

עירית שר

עירית שר

רומי זמל

רומי זמל

רומי זמל

רומי זמל

רומי זמל

רומי זמל

Symposium in conjunction with the exhibition Etched in Time – Between the whole and the perfect, the coincidental and the deliberate

Monday 22/6/15 at 15:00

The symposium will focus on the coincidental in the making process and the potential of creating something new from something broken, cracked or defective as well as the meaning of time expressed in the object. We will discuss the choice made by makers to use old or new materials, materials that deteriorate in time or are resilient, the values inherent in these objects and the dialogue between chance and control in the making process.


15:00 – Opening remarks – Director of the Benyamini Center : Marcelle Klein

15:10 – Keynote speaker: Dr Eti Gals Gisis, Independent researcher; Japanese art, a one off experience

First session: 16:00 – 17:30

Dr Netta Sobol, The Academic College, Tzfat; Conceding as reconcialition with the act

Noa Raviv, Textile designer; Hard Copy

Talia Tokatly, Artist and Senior lecturer in the Ceramics Department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design; Absent is Whole

Break: 17:30 – 18:00

Second Session: 18:00 – 19:30

Orly Nezer Ben-HaimThe Aesthetics of the process

Yonatan Amir, art critic and co-editor of the digital magazine Erev Rav – The Gatherers: Contemporary Israeli Sculpture from leftovers

Dr Tal Elroy Frenkel Bezalel Academy of Art and Design – Time will do it: the poetry of the old

Noa Bar-Lev Davidor multimedia maker, owner of the brand Be longing; Materials remember: the starting point of creating new object

Limited places; Advance Registration – 03-5182257 or by email

Admission: 65 shekels, 50 shekels for Benyamini students and CAAI members

Susan Beiner

Thursday, 4/6/15 at 19:00

Free admission

Registration required by email or phone 03-5182257

Susan Beiner is an American Ceramicist who currently creates and teaches in Arizona, US. For several years she has been leading workshops and master classes locally and internationally.

Susan Beiner

Susan Beiner

Susan exhibits her work extensively across the United States. Her work is found in local and international important collections.

Susan Beiner | Rather Than

Susan Beiner | Rather Than

She creates unique colorful sculptural objects in an opulent style, shapes and textures. Baroquely in aesthetic and inspired by 18th century European art, her sculptural objects consist of deep layers of vessels, replicated objects and fragments stacked one on top of the other juxtaposing the spontaneous and the controlled. Nature and history are her sources of inspiration as well as industrial objects, contemporary technologies and industrial design.

Susan Beiner

Susan Beiner

Free admission

From Local to Global and Back: Ceramic Design in Israel | Shlomit Bauman

Thursday 26/2/15 at 18:00
Advance registration – Free Admission

מהמקומי לגלובלי ובחזרה: עיצוב קרמי בישראל | שלומית באומן

מהמקומי לגלובלי ובחזרה: עיצוב קרמי בישראל | שלומית באומן

The lecture reviews the history of ceramic design in Israel and the background to the unique characteristics of its development. The review clarifies concepts in craft and its history and examines the main questions that were of interest to the makers between 1930 and 1980. In addition, the lecture will relate to new directions in ceramic design through students work at the various academies of ceramic design.