Events 2011-2013

Master Class with Frances Doherty and Nicolas Arroyave-Portela

Tuesday 10 December 2013 at 18:30

Frances Doherty – England

Frances Doherty כתת אמן

Watch a video clip from Frances Doherty master class

The work of Frances is characterized by forms from nature and the cycle of life in plants including flowers and especially seeds which often look similar to exotic underwater plants. She sculpts the forms larger than life and tries to express them as the view for an insect. The parts are wheel-thrown and assembled, high fired and glazed often including metal or wood in the final installation.

Nicolas Arroyave-Portela

Nicolas Arroyave-Portela כתת אמן

Nicolas Arroyave-Portela כתת אמן

Watch a video clip from Frances Doherty master class

The work of Nicolas deals with illusion and there is something very sensuous in the objects that he makes. He tries to capture the natural movement and flow of the clay as if it created itself. The vessels are abstract and do not imitate nature itself but more a virtual geology and the result of the flow of water. He aims to make complex abstract forms understandable and aesthetic to the viewer. Arroyave-Portela is influenced by the Italian artist Lucio Fontana whose work in his opinion is visually intellectual – an ongoing challenge to the artist.


  • 75 NIS. 50 NIS for CAAI members and Benyamini Center students
  • For reservation please call 03-6874150 or email
  The event is organized by CAAI Ceramic Artists Association in Israel and supported by Ruth Corman and the Designer Crafts Foundation.

Special art events at the Benyamini Center in November 2103

  1. Loving Art Doing Art weekend in Tel Aviv - click for details
  2. One of a kind: Cup Sale - click for details

Friday Mornings at the Benyamini Center

Once a month a meeting with an artist and lecturer covering a wide variety of subjects including, sculpture and illustration, art and design, industry and studio pottery, movement and clay, and individual identity. The events, open to the public, will include a lecture by leading personalities as well as a peek into work processes of selected ceramic artists and designers. Cost :
  • 50 shekels for a single entry
  • 260 shekels for the series
Advance registration required: Tel: 03-5182257 or email: Lecture Listing:   Program:

November 8, 2013: Female Identity

Laurie Goldstein קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

10:30 Hanan Abu Husein - an artist born in Umm El Fahm, graduate of Bezalel Acadamy in art and ceramics and Tel Aviv University in art institute management and the Hebrew University in art history. Her work deals with the female voice, sexual harassment, love and personal freedom, religion and capitalism. In the lecture she will talk about the inspiration for her work, the subjects that interest her as an artist and woman and the conflicts that she confronts in her work. 11:30 Laurie Goldstein - a ceramic artist born in the USA, a graduate of Tel Aviv University in theater and costume design and a graduate of Alfred University New York in ceramics. She focuses on functional vessels that she makes using slabs and is interested in the daily ritual of eating and drinking and is continuously searching for the ideal combination of aesthetics, art and functionality. In the lecture she will demonstrate her working method and talk about the influences in her work.

January 17,2014: Etching and etching in clay

Ruth Simon קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

10:30 Dana Shamir 11:30 Ruti Simon

February 14, 2014: Boys Then, Boys now

Dori Zanger קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

10:30 Orna Granot 11:30 Dori Zanger Shechtel

March 14, 2014: Trends in Contemporary Ceramic Design

Iris Zohar קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

10:30 Lena Dubinsky 11:30 Iris Zohar

May 9, 2014: Movement, Clay, Body

Ester Beck קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

10:30 Talia Beck 11:30 Ester Beck

June 13, 2014 Creating a World: Between Design, Art and Clay

Mark Yudell קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

10:30 Tomer Sapir 11:30 Mark Yudell Cost :  50 shekels Advance registration required: Tel: 03-5182257 or email:  

Loving Art Doing Art weekend in Tel Aviv

15 - 16 November 2013 The Benyamini Center is participating in the event and will offer:

Lecture by Orly Nezer: Issues in Contemporary Ceramics

Friday 15 November at 13.30 Free entrance to the public

Hands on experience wheel throwing with Noa Almagor Ben Dror

Saturday 16 November at 11:00 Advance registration

Hands on experience clay sculpture with Shelly Shavit

Saturday 16 November at 13:30 Advance registration

One of a kind: Cup Sale

cups sale קרמיקה בבית בנימיני

November 15 – 16 2013 During the weekend of Loving Art Doing Art, the Benyamini Center will have a cup sale of about 200 unique handmade cups made by Israeli ceramic artists. Of all the ceramic vessels, the cup is certainly an intimate and personal object and its form will influence the drinking experience for the user. The artist is faced with the challenge of creating a small work that should express the essence of his practice.

Exhibition Tour and Tish (Panel Discussion) concerning the exhibition `Consumer Basket`

Thursday 3 October 2013 20:30 – Gallery tour with Raz Samira – the exhibition curator 21:30 – Tish (term borrowed from Hassidic vocabulary) – a round table discussion open to the public Further details

דורית בנטוב

Opening event of Sal Tzriha, the annual exhibition of Ceramics Artists Association of Israel.

Thursday 29/8/2013, 20:00 at the Benyamini Center Further details

Amber Aguirre Master Class

August 21st, 16:00, entrance 20 NIS Further details Amber Aguirre - amber playing jihad

Panel - The Hare with the Amber Eyes

Thursday 13 June 2013 at 20:00 Further details

Contemporary Craft- Symposium

Monday 27 May 2013 at 14:00 Further details

Shift - Gallery tour and lecture

Lectures & “Shift” exhibition tour: Friday, April 5th 2013, at 11:30. For further details

Clay, Fire, Art - An evening not to be missed, with Dr. Gideon Ofrat and French artist Jean Francois Bourlard.

Sunday 24 February at 17:00 Further details
Master class with three internationally acclaimed ceramic artists - December 9, 2012, 5pm; December 19, 2012, 4pm More details
Israeli artists support the Levinsky Garden library - November 28, 2012, 6pm. More details
Guided tour of the "Donkey" exhibition - November 17, 2012, 11am. More details
A morning of lectures by visiting artists from America and Canada at the Benyamini Center on Friday 20/7/12 at 10:00 Three internationally acclaimed ceramic artists, visiting Israel with the support of AIDA, will discuss their work and present a slide lecture. Nan Smith Her female ceramic figures deal with social issues through narrative sculpture. The installations she creates reveal her interest and concern in human consciousness, nostalgia and most recently environmental issues. Linda Sormin Linda was born in Bangkok and lives in Canada working in ceramics and mixed media. Using thin clay constructions and found objects she creates site specific installations creating a spatial experience with her work. Molly Hatch Molly is an artist who has a passion for the handmade coming from a family connected to functional objects for generations. Her projects are based on historical imagery and her feminine surface decorations include several decorating techniques. Entrance: 50 shekels Advance reservations: 03-5182257

Master class with Christa Assad, a visiting artist from the USA will be held at the Benyamini Center on Thursday, May 19th, 2012 at 18:00

Christa makes both functional and sculptural objects that begin on the potter's wheel but move beyond the round. The wheel is a starting point for her unique technique and artistic approach of combining the traditional and contemporary.

Urban and industrial landscapes are her sources of inspiration. 'Discarded roadside junk', graffiti, water towers, chimneys, pipes and old metal industrial structures inform her pieces to create a strong personal cultural statement.

75 NIS entry fee

50 NIS for Benyamini Center students and, CAAI members and young artists

Alix de Rothschild Crafts Award winners were announced on April 22nd at the Benyamini Center

  • First place: Rimma Arslano
  • Second place: Shlomit Bauman and Itamar Sagi
  • Third place: Uri Shapira Asnat Koblenz Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum

The aim of the competition this year was to encourage artists to think about their work in a new and creative way. Rimma Arslanov - White Cube Her work consists of oriental bricks made of sugar - Mashrabiya creating a kind of room. This very original work that is beautifully crafted refers to the modernist gallery space - the white cube and suggests a transparent, nonobjective, fragile and ephemeral space. The judges selected her work as the winner for first prize for originality, aesthetic and excellent execution and interesting reference to the title of the competition. Shlomit Bauman - Untitled These works bring together almost extinct local clay with fashionable, delicate and imported porcelain, and juxtapose their different technological characteristics inherent in ceramic technology. The combination creates cracks and deformations - a visual representation of contrasts, a desire to be connected and similar versus the expression of the differences and distortions. These materials comprise different cultural worlds and raise questions of cultural heritage. Itamar Sagi - Shelter An embroidered book that shows contemporary Israeli stitching which is not necessarily elegant but visually rich relating to local cultural issues. Uri Shapira - Untitled In his pseudo-scientific approach, he explores the behaviour of chemicals in a time line. As an artist-alchemist he grows dynamic and aesthetic environments. Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum - Concrete Their cast concrete bowl explores the relationship between mass and fragility - between concrete - an unusual medium for such an object - and the cultural dynamic of this material Asnat Koblenz These works from her Shield series and their design give the effect of linked metals that are flexible and structurally sound, with a rhythmical composition different on either side.

The Benyamini Center is hosting the biannual Alix de Rothschild Crafts Award this year. Winners of this year's award will be announced by Ruth Corman and lawyer Pazit Shalmon-Baratz at the Benyamini Center on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 at 19:00 Opening of an exhibition displaying finalisys' work will take place on April 20th, 2012. More on our gallery page

Collecting, objects and souvenirs

On Friday, March 9th, 2011 a morning of lectures in the framework of the exhibition ÜberKitsch. Lectures by: Reuven Nardy, Talia Tokatly, Johnathan Hopp Free Admission

ÜberKitsch lectures

ÜberKitsch lectures

Master Class

Ilona Romule - internationally acclaimed artist from Riga, Latvia - world renowned for her unique, distinctive, contemporary slip cast porcelain objects.

Strict devotion to porcelain has made her a true connoisseur of the material, of slip casting techniques and China painting surface decorations.

Assorted industrial casting techniques, fabulous, fable – like fantasy laden imagery, erotic and mysterious narratives generate a unique and superbly finished body of work.

Three dimensional sculptural figures enhanced by two dimensional fantastic drawings places the artist within the realm of fine art and contemporary design.

Master Class: Thursday, February 23, 2012 at 18:00

The artist will present her work, that of other artists and her work- related experiences around the world.

Entrance: 75 NIS

10% discount for Benyamini students, young artists and members of the CAAI

Advance registration required – limited places available.

Contact the Benyamini Center office at 03-5182257 or via our Contact Us form

Ilona Romule

Opening of the exhibition ‏ÜberKitsch, Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at 19:00 at the Benyamini Center.

Performance by Emily Cage - Artistic advisor and video Anat Katz. Live Wall Installation Performance by Yochai Matos.

Emily Cage אמילי קייג'

Jason Lim - a leading ceramic artist from Singapore and an internationally acclaimed performance artist combining Performance Art and Clay

Master Class: Sunday, January 15th at 20:00

  • Entrance: 75 NIS
  • 50 NIS discount for Benyamini students, CAAI members and young artists
  • Advance reservations required

Workshop: Thursday, January 19th at 16:00

Rhythm, repetition, sound and duration will be the focus of the workshop. The inherent characteristics of clay – soft, malleable and responsive combined with basic movements associated with clay work - will be the starting point for the exploration of performance possibilities within a time frame, a space and the performer's body. The workshop will be approximately 5 hours. Time will be dedicated to individual work followed by group work. In the course of time, collaboration, intervention and interaction will be encouraged.

  • Cost: 350 shekels
  • 10% discount for Benyamini students, young artists and members of the CAAI
  • Advance reservations required - limited places available

Gallery Talk, Friday 6/1/12 at 11:00 A Gallery Talk with Tirza Yalon Kolton, the curator of the exhibition Voyage and the participating artists

Two exciting and challenging Master Classes with three internationally acclaimed artists are planned for December 2011:

Akio Takamori – a Japanese artist from the USA
John Higgins - a British artist from the UK
Marcus O'Mahony - an Irish artist from Ireland
All three talents share common concerns and interests and yet each one represents a unique and distinguished world of its own.
Akio Takamori
One of the most exciting, gifted and innovative contemporary ceramic artists.
He has exhibited extensively throughout the world, his work found in several significant collections and museums.
Takamori's work is mostly figurative and based on the human body and its gamut of expressive emotions and sensuality.
Vessel forms, large scale sculptures and installations reflect his interests in themes concerning the human experience –' the passage of time, locations, memories and history'.
Master Class with Akio - Sunday, December 25th 2011 at 16:00
John Higgins
Using a unique technique which combines hand built and thrown components, John's work is mostly informed by his empathy for human beings and their history as expressed in architecture as well as everyday objects.
Surface treatments consist of several layers. Usually textured and dry, just like the layers of paint on old buildings they reflect years of the human experience and a silent witness to previous forms of existence.
Marcus O'Mahony
Inspired by the Leach Hamada tradition, Marcus mainly produces wood fired functional stoneware and porcelain exhibited extensively both in Ireland and abroad.
Passionate about wood and salt firings, soft, free, fluid and spontaneous throwing as well as decorating result in a very distinguished body of work which strongly echoes the feel of the elemental, the local and the indigenous – rooted in tradition yet innovative, experimental and skilled.
Master Class with both artists - Thursday, January 5th, 2012 at 16:00
Special thanks to Aviva Ben Sira of AIDA, Association of Israel's Decorative Arts and to Ruth Korman - Designer Crafts Foundation, whose assistance in bringing the artists to Israel is highly appreciated.
  • 75 NIS entrance fee for each of the events
  • 50 NIS entrance fee for members of the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel
  • 10% discount for Benyamini Center students
  • The events are organized by the Ceramic Artists Association of Israel

Travel Diaries – Encounters with Ceramics around the World
Saturday evening December 3rd at 18:00
South Korea – Lecture by Shulamit Teiblum Miller Korean Celadons were only affordable to the aristocracy in the past. Today these pots are made in honor of ancient traditions or as a contemporary version of past glories. Shula will show us the process of making a giant traditional pickle jar.
Tanzania – Lecture by Oren Arbel On the border between Tanzania and Kenya in the village of USANGI Oren spent over a month with the happy group of potters. He will share his experiences with these women making traditional kitchenware supplying the housewives of East Africa. Tickets: 30 shekels Register at the office

The new exhibition "Voyage - a boat to nowhere" opened in a wonderful party held at the Benyamini Center on November 17th

Documentary by Sylvina Landsman

Unto Thy Land - A journey in the footsteps of the sculptor Moshe Shek (1936 – 2011), will be screened on Saturday evening November 5th at 18:00 at the Benyamini Center

The movie follows Juk (Shek's nickname) in the Lachish region – the area where he lived – between the hidden caves, the open fields and his studio and home in Kibbutz Beit Nir. The viewer is exposed to a direct dialogue between the artist and his work and between ancient local culture and the present time.

Produced by Smadar Timor and Noa Karavan-Cohen, the documentary won first prize at the Montpelier Festival of Clay and Glass movies.

The movie made in 2007 is 60 min long and has English subtitles.

Admission: 20 Shekels

Documentary about Moshe Shek - סרט דקומנטרי אודות משה שק

Symposium in conjunction with the exhibition - A-La-Maud - the works of Maud Friedland will be held at the Benyamini Center on Monday, November 7th, 14:30 - 20:30


  • 14:30 - Registration
  • 15:00 - Opening remarks
  • 15:15 - Ifat Alper, Iska Lando Vessels - the vessel as a symbol
  • 16:15 - Dr. Alik Mishory Clay in Israeli Art
  • 17:15 - Break
  • 17:45 - Dr Baruch Blich The Aesthetics of the Accidental
  • 18:45 - Tula Amir Exhibition Design
  • 19:10 - Yael Atzmony Maud Friedland = Her Work
  • 19:40 - Moshe Amar Maud Friedland – Behind the Scenes
Cost: 175 NIS 150 NIS for members of the Ceramics Association and students at the Benyamini Center Registration required: 03-5182257 or 03-6874150

About the speakers

  • Yifat Alper - Masters Degree in Judaism, art and gender. Academic lecturer
  • Yiska Lando - Jungian clinical psychologist
  • Dr Alik Mishori - Art Historian and researcher of Israeli Culture, previously an art critic for the Ha'aretz newspaper. Has published articles on art and design history in Israel
  • Dr Baruch Blich - senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
  • Tula Amir - architect, curator
  • Yael Atzmony - a ceramic artist and lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and friend of Maud
  • Moshe Amar - artist and curator, close friend of Maud and producer of the film about Maud accompanying the exhibition

Meet Artist Anna Carmi A special introductory class on Tuesday, October 25th at 18:00


  • A lecture introducing Anna and her work, focusing on color and surface on clay
  • Group discussion on work brought by the participants discussing how each piece could evolve – relief, print, color, luster, glaze and decals

Register prior to October 21st at the Benyamini Center, telephone: 03-5182257 or contact us online.

Participants should bring with one of their pieces they would like to develop and work on the surface.

Free admission

מפגש עם האמנית אנה קרמי

Gallery Talk on Monday, October 3rd 2011 at 18:00 with Yael Atzmony, the artist, the curator Ronit Zor and Eran Ehrlich who contributed his writing to accompany the exhibition.

On Monday, November 7th 2011 a symposium about the work of Maud Friedland and issues associated with her approach to ceramics and art. Save the date - details to follow.

Maud Friedland at the Benyamini Center

Loving Art Doing Art Opens the exhibitions season in Tel Aviv. The event begins with exhibition openings on Thursday, Sept. 8th evening with galleries and museums open until 11 PM. On Friday and Saturday artists open their studio to the public between 11:00 - 18:00. On Tel Aviv's municipality Loving Art Doing Art web page you'll find all the listings for this event citywide

A Gallery Talk The curator, Eran Ehrlich, and the artists of the exhibition "Whose Earth is it Anyway?" will be present at the gallery talk on Friday July 22nd at 11:30. The exhibition deals with the artists approach to his creative work and its material components as a dialogue. The curator proposes this connection to earth, in which ownership plays no part, as a paradigm for a different way of connecting with the world.

Official opening, June 16 2011

The Benyamini Center for contemporary Ceramics - the official opening The Benyamini Center for Contemporary Ceramics will open its doors in a grand party and festivities. On that happy day the Center will launch its first exhibition - "Whose Earth is it Anyway?". June 16th 2011, 19:00

"White Night" at the Benyamini Center Participating in Tel Aviv municipality White Night eventsWhite Clay and 20 Potters – live ceramic production performance by artist Adina Bar-on. June 30th at 19:00 and on. Drinking bar on premises.

לילה לבן במרכז בנימיני

Hands on Clay Every Saturday morning, beginning July 9th, 2011, an open studio for all who would like to experience working with clay. Work with a guide or independently. Children, parents and any person wishing to put their hands on clay and create something. Price: 40 NIS. 10:00-12:00, Saturday, July 9th, 2011

לגעת בחומר