2016 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// Boy Sleeps in a Jar Clay and Biography

The exhibition will show the works of 8 artists dealing with biographical material using clay or clay artists using biographical material

// Five years – The Benyamini Center located in Kiryat Hamelacha

The immanent connection between the Benyamini Center and Kiryat Hamelacha where it is situated is the main axis for the two exhibitions

// IAC Barcelona 2016 Exhibition

This exhibition examines the reciprocal relationship between the metaphoric and the essential, the research and method as reflected in Israeli ceramic design

// In Conversation with Moshe Shek

The exhibition displays nine works by Moshe Shek from the Idol series

// Matter of Fact: Local Ceramic Production Today

“Matter of Fact” examines the value and meaning of local production and design today through the prism of the ceramics industry

// Old Craft, New Craft

The exhibition "Old Craft, New Craft" is the culmination of a concerted effort among craftsmen who have been working in the field for many years


Postcolonialism aims to offer a visually rich and intellectually sophisticated showcase for original contemporary international ceramics

// Udi Even – Potter

The jars, the bowls, the large and small cups were all made to be part of life at home, in the kitchen, the yard, dining table