2015 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// 8 Graduates

8 new graduates of the program will display their final projects, and the 2014 year book catalogue will be launched

// Artist Books ; Self / Nature

An exhibition concluding a workshop on artist books lead by Dana Shamir

// Beside a Jar

Jars, originally made for storage, are vessels that contain culture. Even though they have lost their original use, they have not disappeared from our living space

// Beuys, Beuys ,Beuys

A group exhibition in several galleries about the artist and his influence on Israeli art

// Etched in Time

The exhibition focuses on that moment of opening the kiln, the moment of birth and of recurring wonder, excitement and fear simultaneously.


This exhibition marks 10 years since the initiation of the program and shows the work of 15 artists

// Future Archeology

The "Future Archeology" exhibition affords an opportunity to examine aspects which are frequently opposed: Ancient and New, Rich and Poor, Substance and Idea, Experience and Emotion, Aesthetic and Function


The exhibition IN HOUSE shows contemporary works of the team of teachers and members of the board

// QUEST – clay and photography

The Ceramic Artists Association presents 30 clay artists and 30 photographers in an exhibition