// Body of Work

As opposed to the accepted form of installation where each artist has a separate space, in this exhibition the figures of the five artists are installed as one installation creating a dialogue.

// Concrete, Bulimia

The exhibition investigates the increased use of basic building materials – cement and concrete – as materials used in sculpture and painting in art in Israel over the last decade.

// Design Underground

The exhibition Design Underground notes dissatisfaction, the start of a resistance and essential questions that concern designers and active makers in the design field.

// Small-Scale: Past-Present-Future

Bringing two artistic inclinations together: on the one hand, a conceptual artistic statement and on the other, engagement with matter

// Smoke

Ceramic artists using this technique create surfaces that range in color from black, white, grey and brown which are reminiscent of traditional pottery but contemporary in their look

// The Feast

The annual Ceramic Artists Association exhibition focusing on the connection between ceramics and food and the culture of food and eating

// Trespassers

13 cats in the gallery, each one frozen in a position and expression, interacting or oblivious of the surroundings

// Up(to)Date

The exhibition Up(to)Date attempts to capture the zeitgeist, in a culture that is constantly being updated, and point at our potential response to a connected world, the new perceptions, and technologies.