2013 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// On the Flip Side

Stamps and signatures of ceramics makers and factories, spanning from the 1920`s until the present.

// Space Positions

Shows the work of leading designers and makers in the field of functional ceramics, exploring the reinterpretation of the ceramic object due to its placement in space.

// Neither Daphne nor Apollo – Zehava Edelsburg

The works of Zehava Edelsburg deal with nature and culture, illustrating the dissonance between what happens in the natural kingdom and what occurs in human culture

// Tel Aviv, Berlin, In Transit

In this exhibition, four artists from different creative fields relate to the complexities of immigrating to a new city

// Shift – Ceramics in Academies of Art and Design

The exhibition "Shift" is based on the assumption that significant changes in curriculums at design and art academies signify a broad culture shift

// Positive Mass

A project initiated by the Israel Aids Task Force and Rani Gilat, an artist and lecturer in ceramics

// Murata Atsumi: Shapes Of Sumi

The exhibition is centered on Sumi ink it is also about paper