2012 exhibitions at the Benyamini Center

// Smashing!

This exhibition project is set to examine the stimulating momentum of death and rebirth, desecration and re-sanctification, deconstruction and restoration of the ceramic matter

// Donkey

he exhibition dominates all three floors of the Benyamini Center, as if striving to conquer the Temple's interior, to appropriate it in full.

// Do

Vessels in the show are both reduced to their essence–to their DNA

// Tea For Two

A group exhibition of 25 artists from the Ceramic Artists Association presenting their interpretation of the traditional porcelain tea set

// Being

Tamar Ben Shaul takes us on an illusionary journey between drawing and photography

// Of Lines and Materials

This exhibition shows a series of works in porcelain and miniature drawings on paper

// Breaking the Mould

This competition is an exciting project that encourages artists to think outside their comfort zone and to find new and original ways of expressing their creativity

// Towering Above

Opening: Thursday 29/3/12 at 19:30 Curator: Nurit Zilberberg

// Uberkitsch

The works in the exhibition ÜberKitsch leach like parasites onto the back of well-known ceramic and aesthetic traditions