The Small Gallery

Small Gallery

Ceramic artists display their work on ten shelves over 10 weeks.  These artists are selected to create a window into the work done in clay in Israel

The Small Gallery at the Benyamini Center – a great place to visit and buy unique gifts. The shelves display handmade objects that bear the fingerprints of a dedicated maker, carefully crafted and hold the spirit of an Israeli artist.


Opening: Thursday 28/6/18 at 19:30
Closing: Saturday 1/9/18 at 14:00

Participants: Jacaranda Kori, Genadi Dvorkin

Two very experienced artists with different approaches to the use of clay but both influenced by the Mediterranean; the natural and unnatural textures of the Israeli coast. The exhibition connects different techniques and traditions of the artists in the exhibition.

ג'קרנדה קורי  | Jacaranda Kori | צילום שי בן אפרים

ג'קרנדה קורי | Jacaranda Kori | צילום שי בן אפרים

Jacaranda Kori, born in Mexico, has been making wheel thrown forms for thirty years, she is a lecturer in the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design at Bezalel and teaches at the Benyamini Center.

גנאדי דבורקין | Genadi Dvorkin | צילום: שי בן אפרים

גנאדי דבורקין | Genadi Dvorkin | צילום: שי בן אפרים

Genadi was born in the USSR and has worked as a ceramic artist since 1994. He shows his work at Gilda – the ceramic cooperative in Jerusalem as well as in exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

In the exhibition, Kori made functional pots as well as asymmetrical objects looking for perfection through deformation of the traditional form. The beach with natural and human waste was the inspiration for the works.

In the past, Dvorkin made classical forms seeking perfection. Recently, inspired by the rocks on the beach and the desert, he has made new works that are rough with the intention of pushing the boundaries of form. Despite this change in direction, his works are still precise and with a deep sense of aesthetics. These sculptural and functional works were fired in an anagama kiln or in a raku firing.