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Empty Spaces : Shulamit Millar

 Shulamit millar. photo: Victor Welch | שולמית מילר Shulamit millar. photo: Victor Welch | שולמית מילר

Shulamit Millar. photo: Victor Welch | שולמית מילר

Opening: Thursday, March 16, 7:30 p.m.
Closing: Saturday, April 29, 14:00 p.m.

Millar is an established artist who is inspired by geological surfaces. Her points of reference are processes of crystallization which form her palate of color and material. Over the years her work has changed from a complete coverage of the surface to partial and suggestive coverage. Empty and blank spaces in her work have become the focus of interest suggesting a visual buffer zone of calm meditative silence.

Shulamit Millar | שולמית מילר

Shulamit Millar | שולמית מילר


Small Gallery

Ceramic artists display their work on ten shelves over 10 weeks.  These artists are selected to create a window into the work done in clay in Israel

The Small Gallery at the Benyamini Center – a great place to visit and buy unique gifts. The shelves display handmade objects that bear the fingerprints of a dedicated maker, carefully crafted and hold the spirit of an Israeli artist.