The Small Gallery

Small Gallery

Ceramic artists display their work on ten shelves over 10 weeks.  These artists are selected to create a window into the work done in clay in Israel

The Small Gallery at the Benyamini Center – a great place to visit and buy unique gifts. The shelves display handmade objects that bear the fingerprints of a dedicated maker, carefully crafted and hold the spirit of an Israeli artist.


Yaoz Rivenzon

“I do not draw from observation.  I set out on a journey of experiments, of self-expression through drawing and use a variety of methods.  I plant signs that will be decoded at the end of the process and Include creatures of fantasy in fragments of landscape in a world of color made of lines and patches.

For me factory made plates are a fascinating ground for creativity, which reveal themselves after the firing.”

Yaoz Rivenzon | יעוז ריבנזון

Yaoz Rivenzon | יעוז ריבנזון

A Glimpse - works by students of the Ceramic and Glass Design Department, Bezalel

Opening 18/5/17 at 19:30

Closing: 1/7/17


Chana Hauser, Avigail Segall, Sivan Shefner, Dana Tanahauser, Chen Sivan, Noam Klomek, Yael Livne, Shani Reches, Shani Meir, Inbal Yaniv, Eliah Levy, Shai Shultz, Shiri Ben Sinai, Uriel Caspi, Eti Perez, Grace Hasang Kim, Yaara Leiter, Ella Gutman, Yair Levi, Sivan Pais, Moran Li Yakir

An opportunity to have a peek at the work done by the students in the ceramic and glass design department of Bezalel.  The works are made by students from all stages in their studies and cover a wide variety of techniques and fields of making.

Small Gallery | הגלריה הקטנה

Small Gallery | הגלריה הקטנה