The Small Gallery

Student works from HIT

Curators: Johnathan Hopp and Shlomit Bauman

הגלריה הקטנה | small gallery

הגלריה הקטנה | small gallery

“Ceramics 2” is the name of the advanced ceramic course in the industrial design faculty of the Holon Institute of Technology HIT.  The course is called a research lab and the subject changes each semester.  The works shown are the results achieved in the course called “from research to product”. During the course the students research either a phenomenon or a ceramic work method for half the semester.  The second half of the semester is devoted to designing and producing the ceramic object as a result of the research.  For this reason the works are very divers and characterized by their ability to push the limits of the cultural and technological aspect of the ceramic medium.

Participants: Ofra Oberman, Tal Batit, Noa Zakai, Chen Zelkind, Dorit Provizor, Hila Rosenberg, Shiri Meron, Yael Rabua, Ofri Lipshitz, Michal Gotesman, Keren Dahan, Shaked Elazari, Noi Meiri

An Archive for the Nose – Valeria Munis

A smell is always a very strong memory and can create feelings and enhance the senses especially sight and sound.  A smell can create new meanings.  In an empty space, smell will have the most importance.
THis work was done under the guidance of the Neurobiology department of the Weizman institute.  THe work is based on emotional situations and the feelings that are aroused  using synthetic smells.  THe distinguishing feature between each ceramic object is the smell.
Presented as a final project in 2015 under the guidance of Gal Gaon – Interior Design department, HIT


Small Gallery

Ceramic artists display their work on ten shelves over 10 weeks.  These artists are selected to create a window into the work done in clay in Israel

The Small Gallery at the Benyamini Center – a great place to visit and buy unique gifts. The shelves display handmade objects that bear the fingerprints of a dedicated maker, carefully crafted and hold the spirit of an Israeli artist.