Call for applications

Call for artists

The Benyamini Center invites curators, artists, makers, designers and entrepreneurs to propose ideas for exhibitions for any of the galleries; the Benyamini gallery consists of two spaces- one on the entrance level and a bigger space on the first floor. The Small Gallery is a display area consisting of two sets of shelves in the lobby of the center.

Exhibitions dealing with various aspects of materiality, craft, design and art that address relevant and interesting aspects of material culture will be considered.

Proposals for exhibitions may be submitted by the digital form at the bottom of this page

The lower gallery is 35 sq.m

The upper gallery is 70 sq m

The shelves of the Small Gallery are:

1.5 m wide, 44 cm deep and the height between the shelves vary between 27 and 52 cm

Note – the height of the shelves cannot be adjusted.

Marcelle Klein – director

Shlomit Bauman – Head Curator

Einav Baraness Eliasav – Curator of the Small Gallery

Download the application's PDF text (170kb)

Call for artists – Pottery Slam2

Clay- body – heat : life cycle

This event of performances and clay will highlight the unique combination which usually occurs only in the studio, heat, body, clay and will focus on the various stages, wet/dry/fragile/flexible/liquid/solid, etc using the metaphor of a life cycle. For the two weekends of performances scheduled for May 2019, artists, dancers, ceramists, designers, makers, creators are invited to submit proposals for performances in the upper gallery and on the roof of the Benyamini Center. Proposals should be sent as one PDF file named with the artists name by 1/2/2019 to and should include
• Proposal - half a page
• CV – half a page
• 5 relevant images
• Contact details including telephone and mail
Curators and producers – Shira Silverston and Netta Levavi

Watch the video Pottery Slam1

Download the Pottery Slam2 PDF (Hebrew 77kb)

Ceramics - what are you worth?!

Call for applications sale 2019

call for applications sale 2019

call for applications sale 2019

download the PDF (83kb)

Proposals for exhibitions - the digital form

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