Paperclay – fibre clay workshop

Paperclay | Amnon Amos

חומרים | חומר סיבי – Paper Clay | אמנון עמוס

חומרים | חומר סיבי – Paper Clay | אמנון עמוס

Clay and paper, a combination that gives clay special characteristics and opens new options. We will survey artists using this material, learn the qualities of the paper fiber and how we can utilize this to our benefit. Each participant will prepare a plaster slab and paper pulp. We will do basic experiments with the material to understand its use. The workshop is suitable for all levels No previous experience required


Amnon Amos

Course dates and hours:

Dates: 21.4.17 and 5/5/17 from 8:30 - 11:30


420 shekels for 2 meetings including materials and firing