Marketing on Etsy Workshop | Galit Barak

Etsy is an online platform for makers to sell their work on the local or international market. It is simple to open a shop on Etsy but to sell your work you require skills in branding, marketing, photographing and writing and pitching for a suitable audience.

Etsy for Beginners – one time meeting

A three hour workshop for designer and artists interested in opening an Etsy shop and requiring basic knowledge and understanding of on-line marketing focusing on Etsy. Participants will receive tips on photography, defining ones audience, opening a shop, and describing the items.

One time meeting :  Date to be advertised

Cost: 160 shekels

Advanced Etsy – One time meeting

A three hour workshop for participants who have an Etsy shop. The subjects that will be discussed: defining the audience for the product, clear description of the product, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analyzing statistics, marketing on Pinterest, marketing and exposure on blogs.

Date: To be advertised in the future

Cost: 160 shekels

Galit Barak is a jeweler and designer, and currently doing her Masters degree in the interdisciplinary design course at Shenkar. She has two years experience advising designers on marketing CONTOUR is an expert in selling on line and particularly on Etsy with over 4000 sales on line to private clients as well as working with shops around the world.