Wheel Throwing

Wheel throwing courses in Tel Aviv - experience the magic of clay doing pottery

In the book The Cave by Jose de Sousa Saramago, the author describes the “wisdom of the hands” as “small intelligence” and wheel throwing certainly fits into this category. Working on a wheel is dependent on feeling, sensitivity, touch, flow and movement. At the Benyamini Center in Tel Aviv you can learn pottery on all levels and experience the magic of the material. Wheel throwing courses in Tel Aviv Benyamini Center

Beginners courses

Advanced courses

קדרות - רעיה שטרן

קדרות - רעיה שטרן

Wheel for making functional vessels

The wheel was invented between 4000 and 6000 BC as a pre- industrial instrument with a unique man – machine interface. Historically the wheel was used for making functional vessels but after the industrial revolution the pottery wheel became a technique used by studio potters to develop their own unique style. This technique is not only mechanical but becomes a spiritual journey creating series of objects expressing the artist's style.
לימודי קדרות בתל אביב (קרדיט: רעיה שטרן)

Throwing (קרדיט: רעיה שטרן)

Learning to throw

Learning to throw on the wheel is quite a long process but a very rewarding one. Through practice it is possible to refine the movements and create unique three dimensional objects which could be functional or sculptural. The wheel-throwing courses at the Benyamini Center offer specialized courses for beginners as well as the more advanced students with some of the best teachers in Israel. The courses focus on mastering the technique as well as developing a personal style paying attention to form and function as well as aesthetic aspects of ceramic design. Watch a clip about throwing courses in Tel Aviv

All the courses include:

  • Improving technique
  • Initiating contemporary aspects and studying traditional methods
  • Surface treatment and decoration
  • Work habits and environment