Experience Clay – Gift voucher

The Benyamini Center offers a gift voucher – a unique present for a birthday, family occasion or work team outing – a chance to experience working with clay either wheel-throwing or sculpting in clay.

courses and workshops in working with clay, wheel-throwing, sculpting and hand-building

  1. Wheel throwing
    experience an ancient technique using soft and sensuous clay. The activity will include a demo on how to make a ceramic vessel including wedging, centering and building a pot. Following this each participant will be guided and have a hands-on attempt at creating a wheel-thrown pot. Participants: 1 – 10
  2. Sculpting and hand-building with clay
    Clay has the amazing ability to copy a surface – a quality that makes it a wonderful material for construction and sculpture. The activity will include a general explanation and demo of the various hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab construction. Following this each participant will be guided to make a unique object of self expression. Participants: 1 – 20
  • The topic and number of participants is flexible and will be tailored to suit the individual or group
  • The workshop is suitable for adults, youth and children
  • A guided tour of the exhibition in the gallery is included
  • For further details and price quote send an email to benyaminiccc@gmail.com or call 03-5182257


Raku on the Roof |

ראקו על הגג | קיץ 2014

We invite artists who would like to experience a Raku firing to contact us and participate in a firing event. We have raku glazes, a raku kiln and an instructor who will assist in the firing.

Each participant should come with up to 5 pots that are bisque fired made from suitable clay and no bigger than 15cm.

The event is suitable for artists with studios who would like to invite their students to experience a Raku firing and the special results one can achieve. It is also suitable for makers who would like to include Raku in their work.

Maximum no. of participants: 8

Cost for the entire event: 1600 shekels

Cost per person: 200 shekels 

Upcoming events: Monday 23/4/18 at 16:00 and Friday 27/4/18 at 9:00