Diploma Program

Diploma Studies in Ceramics

לימודי תעודה בקרמיקה | עבודה : מאריה אונא

לימודי תעודה בקרמיקה | עבודה : מאירה אונא

The School offers a unique program to acquire skills and a broad knowledge of all fields of clay making, development of a personal style and guidance in operating an independent studio. The program, suited to each student, runs over several years and includes compulsory and optional courses. It is geared towards beginners or part time ceramists who would like to expand their knowledge or make a career change.

Requirements: Personal interview, CV and portfolio
Introductory meeting: 23 September 2016  at 10:30

Successful applicants will be entitled to make a schedule that is suited to their needs and level of knowledge .  The program can be completed in two years to four years and will cover wheel throwing, sculpture and technology as well as short workshops.  To receive a diploma, students are required to take 7 courses, 6 workshops, attend lectures, complete hours as an apprentice and prepare a final project. Participants will benefit special reductions on courses, free entrance to lectures and 90 hours in the open studio.

The cost of the program depends on the classes selected with the reductions offered. These reductions require at least two courses and two workshops a year.  A non-refundable registration fee of 250 shekels should be paid.

Ravit Lazer,
School Director

The school year: 6 November 2016 – 30 June 2017

Download a PDF file of our 2016-2017 course catalog – click here (PDF file 1MB)

Benyamini Center School of Ceramic Art – course schedule (to download syllabus as PDF click here)

מערכת שעות לימודי קרמיקה 2016-2017 | Schedule - ceramics studies 2016-2017

מערכת שעות לימודי קרמיקה 2016-2017 | Schedule – ceramics studies 2016-2017

Group Guidance | Diploma Program | Ravit Lazer

הנחייה קבוצתית | התכנית ללימודי תעודה | רוית לצר

הנחייה קבוצתית | התכנית ללימודי תעודה | רוית לצר

Group meetings of students from the second year of the diploma program. The meetings will include group discussion, work critiques, guidance with technical and theoretical research as well as setting up a studio and other issues raised by the group.


Ravit Lazer

Course dates and hours:

Friday 8:30 – 12:30 (4 meetings)


540 shekels