Beginners courses: Acquiring the Basics

For people taking their first steps into the world of ceramics.  Wheel-throwing, sculpture, design and technology classes will provide instruction on how to work with clay, using appropriate work methods and at the same time encourage the participants to express their own intuitive approach to clay.

In addition, Benyamini center offers sculpture courses for beginners.

Available Ceramics Courses:



// Throwing – Intermediate

Broaden basic skills and techniques including: wedging, centering, building forms, turning and using texture and color on the surface, Raku firing

// Wheel Throwing

Acquire basic throwing skills and techniques on the wheel including wedging, centering, building cylinders, turning and using color on clay

// Ceramic technology – Beginners

Learn the characteristics of clay and raw materials, mixing colorants and glazes, surface techniques. Ceramic technology research and development

// Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles and sculptural walls. Learn techniques of making and repeating tiles, focusing on complex compositions, casting and using paperclay.

// Hand building/Slabs and Folds

learn to make slabs, understand steps in using them from wet to hard, make objects and texture them