Intermediate wheel throwing and hand building

Wheel throwing- intermediate | Functional to Abstract | Noa Almagor Ben Dor

Noa Almagor Ben Dor | נועה אלמגור בן דור

Noa Almagor Ben Dor | נועה אלמגור בן דור

The course will develop an in depth knowledge of material and form, creativity and imagination while strengthening throwing skills. We will explore the cylinder as the basic form of wheel throwing and design vessels with particular use, working in series and developing functional forms as conceptual objects. The course will focus on surface techniques demos and lectures.
Wheel throwing experience required


Noa Almagor Ben Dor

Course hours and dates

Tuesday 19:00 – 22:00 starting 8/11/16


4500 shekels for 30 meetings including materials and firings