Ceramic technology – Research and development

Ceramic Technology | Research and Development | Yehuda Koren

סדנה למחקר ופיתוח טכנולוגי | יהודה קורן

סדנה למחקר ופיתוח טכנולוגי | יהודה קורן


Advice and problem solving

Ceramic technology is integral in the ceramic process and is a considerable part of the idea and form of the work. The purpose of the workshop is to develop independent technological thinking and provide advanced technological knowledge – both theoretical and practical, Each meeting will include a theoretical introduction, result analysis, conclusions and ensuing tasks to be done by the participants independently. The workshop is for experienced ceramists who have studied ceramic technology. Yehuda Koren will be at the Benyamini Center and assist ceramists and designers working in clay giving technical advice and help solve problems in clay practice. Advance registration required.

Meeting  dates and hours:

  Dates will be advertised next year