Advanced courses: Improving Skills These classes are aimed at developing basic skills in clay into complex capabilities.  Students with basic experience in clay will be encouraged to develop a personal language and will be instructed to achieve greater control in their work regarding, form, color and concept.  Specialized courses are offered as well as individual guidance to gain understanding of technical and cultural relationships.

// Advanced Wheel Throwing | Improving Skills

Wheel throwing courses in Tel Aviv. Advanced Throwing and improving wheel – throwing skills

// Intermediate wheel throwing and hand building

Masterclass – Surface Treatment with a Variety of Techniques

// Ceramic Sculpture

The course invites makers to expand their experience of materials, textures and color

// Throwing & Hand Building Large Vessels

In this workshop the participants will learn how to center and work freely on this scale without being limited by technique

// Wheel Throwing

in- depth acquaintance, practical and theoretical, of porcelain, decorating techniques with color, sulphates, sgrafitto, firing methods

// Ceramic Art | Work Critique | Developing Ideas

Present works in progress and receive guidance., Conceptual workshop for professional and active artists interested in discussing and re-evaluating their work

// Ceramic technology – Research and development

Develop independent technological thinking and provide advanced technological knowledge, theoretical and practical