Reut Rabuah

רעות רבוח | Reut Rabuah

רעות רבוח | Reut Rabuah

Reut Rabuah is a graduate of Bezalel, the department of Ceramic Art and Design.  She works in her studio in south Tel Aviv and teaches in several places.

My work begins with a tiny spark and thought, from words that remain with me, from objects and elements I see in the street.  All these crystalize into an idea.  I mostly make abstract objects and investigate joins as opposed to the material I am using, focusing on the surface and making series of objects examining color. The works are minimalist with reserved forms and without detail.

Educational Approach

The multifaceted meeting in the class creates an interesting environment for working.  Besides the social discussion I encourage research and personal development so each student finds a connection with clay.  I believe that creative hands experience emotions, thoughts and form and as a teacher I aim to assist each student to express this in his work.

Teaching is a challenge and a alongside the relevant content of the lesson I try to convey the pleasure of making in clay.  The Benyamini Center is the place to do this; the location of the studio and the artistic environment as well as the possibility of meeting artists and makers from abroad, the exhibitions, the library, the lectures and workshops add to the learning experience.

My course this year

The course I will teach is the basis for hand building in clay and so it is very important for the making process.  We will experience the characteristics of clay, the basic concepts and techniques including pinching, coiling and slabbing.  We will create 3 dimensional objects paying attention the surface and textures as well as color and the place of the work in the space.  Besides the technical we will cover theoretical aspects and learn about various arts and ceramic dialogue.  All this in a pleasant environment, cooperative learning and interesting creative processes