Rani Gilat

רני גילת | Rani Gilat

רני גילת | Rani Gilat


Rani Gilat is a graduate of Bezalel – Ceramic Art and Design department.  He specialised in wheel throwing and sculpture. He has a Masters degree from the Tel Aviv university in interdisciplinary art.  He began his professional career in photography.
I am a self taught potter and subsequently went to study.  My studio is in central Tel Aviv.  Some of my work is utilitarian  made for galleries on the edge of functional and other works that I make are conceptual, socially critical mainly for exhibitions.  I work in porcelain and fire in electric and gas kilns to 1280 deg.

Educational approach

The Benyamini Center is a ceramic hothouse in a world that is lacking.  As opposed to private studios that are limited in size, time and equipment, the center offers an opportunity to broaden ceramic knowledge due to the wide range of courses and styles that are offered.

I began my professional ceramic career with a clear knowledge that I wanted to teach.  I went to Bezalel so as to improve my skills with the intent of passing on this knowledge and experience.  My approach is that there is no such thing as “impossible” – there is only the barrier of how much one wants to invest to achieve one’s goal.  I push my students to find the limit of the clay, to try and to fail until one reaches success.  Learning is a process and it is the process that is of importance – not the result

My course this year

This is my fifth year teaching at the Benyamini Center and this year I will teach a year course focusing  on porcelain as a material and methods of working with the king of clays.  For the first time this year I will also give a short workshop on turning focusing on different methods of centering, designing the pot and examining small details before firing.