Racheli Rothman Garji


Racheli Rothman Garji | רחלי רוטמן גרג'י

Racheli Rothman Garji | רחלי רוטמן גרג'י

Graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art, Dept. of Ceramic Art and Design Independent studio in Carmei Yosef, teacher and active artist I am interested in form, the contrast between inside and outside, transferring messages, experience and wonder. I do not usually title my works or relate them to a particular genre.  I am interested in the viewer - the position of the work in the space and the active participation with the work (to open, touch, trample) and aim towards an aesthetic and sensual experience of the work.  I create abstract objects on the wheel and explore materiality and form with the aim of releasing them from the familiar and creating a new reality.  In the past years I am experimenting with material in different media such as photography and video art that open new possibilities of presenting clay.

Teaching method

As a teacher I am occupied in teaching technique and throwing skills which are essential for wheel work - this is the basis.  At the same time I refer to form, ideas, the personal and the universal.  I discuss the issues of craft and the connection to art and aim to combine traditional learning with contemporary discussion so that the work of my students is relevant to present day communication. THe place of ceramics in the art world today has a new presence and this is our opportunity to communicate in this field and include new meanings for clay today. I love the meeting with people, the giving process in teaching.  I am generous with my knowledge - an essential requirement for any teacher in my opinion.  THe Benyamini Center allows me to create a contemporary dialog, relevant to my students and in surroundings of changing exhibitions, a rich library of books and videos, meeting with colleagues and the daily ongoings of a vibrant studio.  This is an environment that is pleasant and fosters making and learning.

About my courses this year

The courses will focus on research through work, deepening knowledge.  I believe a maker must be curious and aware of the environment, nourished by the people around and with a desire to change and make a meaningful statement. My courses include many demos and reference to theoretical material and specific projects.  I focus on the progress of each student pointing them to material and work that can advance their skills. I value group learning - some classes are group brainstorming or discussion