Noa Almagor Ben Dor

Noa Almagor Ben Dor | נועה אלמגור בן דור

Noa Almagor Ben Dor | נועה אלמגור בן דור


A graduate of Bezalel Art and Design Academy, Ceramic Department, specializing in wheel throwing and sculpture as well as a teaching diploma from the Kibbutz Seminary in Tel Aviv.  Noa works in her studio and teaches war veterans as well as being an art teacher in primary school. My wheel throwing projects look towards precision and minimalism, almost industrial.  I relate to the outer surface and the internal void with plain blocks of color, and look for the meeting point between the parts, inside and outside, focusing on form and color. When working in my private studio I the quiet and solitude allows me to focus on the sublime exactness that has no end.

Teaching approach

Teaching is natural for me, inherent in my being together with making and creating. I love teaching, sharing my experience and passing on my knowledge.  Teaching challenges me to find ways to renew and develop creativity in myself and my students.  The research and revelation at every stage is what excites me every time.  My approach is didactic and structured.  I break down each stage of the process and try and explain as precisely as possible each part.  For me the process is the most important part of making and with trial and quite a lot of error it is possible to achieve results.

My course this year

This is my fourth teaching year at the Benyamini Center and I will teach intermediate wheel throwing.  In the course we will develop understanding of the material and form and strengthen wheel throwing skills working in series from the practical to the conceptual.  We will focus on the cylinder as a basic form for all wheel throwing and design works that have a special function.