Avner Levinson

אבנר לוינסון | Avner Levinson

אבנר לוינסון | Avner Levinson


Avner Levinson born in 1981, sculptor and painter

He has a masters degree in Fine Art from the New York Studio School in New York.  He exhibits in galleries in New York and Tel Aviv, lectures and teaches in several schools.  His work deals with the human form, and the fine balance between corporeal and abstract.
I live and work  on Moshav Zafririm in the Ella Valley as well as in my studio in south Tel Aviv.  I focus mainly on the figurative and the expression of human dilemmas. I  try to express this in the material and find the connection between daily life and the sublime.

I work with several materials but mainly clay which I cast in bronze or plaster at the end of the process.  The final outcome cannot be predicted and the development occurs in the work process.  THe sculpture is an ongoing sketch that at a certain point is completed.  The works do not necessarily represent a full and clear image of a person.  In many cases they are abstract forms or general outlines and so it is possible to view the work with several connotations that can remind the viewer of a human characters, animal forms or landscape.
About the course

This year the course will focus on observation and developing skills to translate reality into a sculpture.  We will learn artistic principles such as: composition, perspective, space and relativity as well as proportions used to divide the body at different times in history.  We will work through all the stages of sculpture using various techniques until completing the sculpture. The works will be made by observing a model, landscape and still life.

The Benyamini Center is a unique institution in Israel with an atmosphere that feels like home but at the same time is professional and serious. The conditions are excellent for teachers and students which allow for free expression and creativity