// Avner Levinson

I focus mainly on the figurative and the expression of human dilemmas

// Elina Toperman Eitan

The aim of the course is to teach the basic building techniques in clay such as: coiling, slabbing, simple molds, press molds and the use of materials including slip and paperclay

// Noa Almagor Ben Dor

My wheel throwing projects look towards precision and minimalism, almost industrial

// Racheli Rothman Garji

As a teacher I am occupied in teaching technique and throwing skills which are essential for wheel work - this is the basis.

// Rani Gilat

Some of my work is utilitarian made for galleries on the edge of functional and other works that I make are conceptual, socially critical mainly for exhibitions

// Reut Rabuah

My work begins with a tiny spark and thought, from words that remain with me, from objects and elements I see in the street

// Shelly Shavit

The class includes lectures and presentations but mostly independent work by the students within the framework of the exercise given in the class